Ben Montgomery

Director of Sales

Ben’s extensive experience in consulting, business management, and financial oversight make him the driving force of Fourlane’s sales department. He listens to each client or teammate with a focus on creating a positive experience and helping them achieve their goals.

Ben started his career as a manager in the restaurant world. While owning an insurance and financial planning business, he attended college for a Psychology degree and continued to get a Master’s in Business Administration. Ben is creative, quick thinking, and dedicated to helping people grow through coaching.

When he is not on the phone with clients or inspiring others on his team, Ben enjoys spending time outdoors and playing poker. He believes in living within the moment and strives to understand things from both sides in any situation.

When working with Ben, you can expect him to care about your business needs, listen to your concerns, and provide authentic feedback. Connecting you to the right solution with consideration for your timeline is a priority.