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The Acumatica Customer Management Suite is a web-based portal for managing the full lifecycle of your customer – from early-stage lead, to first-time buyer, to delighted repeat customer, Acumatica gives you the tools to engage your clients.

Why Choose Acumatica for Customer Management

#1 ERP and CRM that work together. The CRM was built into Acumatica from the very beginning. This means it integrates seamlessly with the full ERP. Marketing, sales, delivery, and finance all work together and your system stays accurate.

#2 Integrated content management. All your customers are viewable from within a single database. This high-level view of quotes, invoices, and lead status provides every member of your business with executive insight into consumer happiness.

# 3 Visibility. Reports and real-time dashboards provide sales data to help your team manage forecasts, quotas, and results. And your customer service team can track tickets and engagements easily through the Acumatica Customer Portal.

Benefits of acumatica crm

Identify Your Ideal Customers

Find your most (and least) profitable clients and enroll them in custom marketing funnels.

Improve Customer Service

Respond faster and track engagements more efficiently, leading to happier customers who spend more.

Team Approach To Sales

Share knowledge across your entire sales and marketing department.

Integrated Reporting Engine

Produce beautiful reports in HTML, PDF, Excel, and Word formats.

Interactive Dashboards

Create a one-page dashboard that allows you instant insights into your customer data.

Integrated financials

Keep your sales, marketing, and finance team in sync by sharing sales forecasting and collections data.

Account and Contact Management

Convert leads into accounts linked to contacts, activities, tasks, opportunities, cases, and documents.

Lead Management

Aggregate your leads from a variety of sources and track which convert best and who should service them.

Integrated Document Management

Attach estimates, sales orders, and notes to leads and opportunities.

Contract Management

Manage your contracts and service plans at the customer level to ensure proper support is always provided.

Online Ordering

Resellers and customers can view inventory and place orders themselves—speeding up the ordering process for low-touch revenue.

Email Marketing

Manage newsletters, email campaigns, and customer communication from with Acumatica CRM.

Features of Acumatica CRM

 Business reports designer

 Interactive Reports

 User-Specific Dashboards

 Drilldown Reporting

 Report Scheduling 


 Email Templates

 Partnership Marketing

 Customer Self Service

 Customer Edit Contact Information

 Knowledge Base 

 Lifecycle Management

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