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eCommerce ERP Software

Design a beautiful, easy-to-navigate digital storefront that integrates seamlessly with your back office software. Sell more, deliver faster, and gather deeper insights about your customers behavior.

Why Choose Acumatica ERP for eCommerce

A great eCommerce website demands a tight integration with a modern back-end ERP system. You want to deliver a great customer experience to your potential buyers, but it must be tightly coupled with shipping, fulfillment, and reporting in order to deliver the best user experience. With Acumatica manage eCommerce orders, inventory, picking-packing-shipping, returns, customer support, and accounting from one dashboard with Acumatica Commerce Edition.

This complete eCommerce ERP solution integrates everything from you financials to CRM to inventory management. You’ll wonder how you ran your business without it. That means you can promise your customers more—and then deliver.

Amazon Integration: Coming Soon!

In 2018 we’ll be launch a tool that will seamlessly  connect your Acumatica instance to Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Amazon Marketplace. Contact your local partner for more details on this exciting new feature. 

Key Benefits of Acumatica eCommerce erp

 Reduce Stock-outs and Back Orders

Automate your replenishment cycles and optimize your stock levels for profitability and flexibility. 

 Speed Up Order Processing and Fulfillment

Automatically print barcode labels and pick tickets and reduce shipping costs and errors. Easily scan picked goods when they are prepared for shipment. Acumatica eCommerce ERP integrates with UPS Worldship and FedEx Ship. 

 Provide an Omnichannel Experience

Provide multiple outlets for consumer viewing, but have them all link to a singular back office. Your team will appreciate having centralized and accurate data.

 Streamline Returns and Exchanges

Delight your customers with outstanding customer service. Automate your shipping and receiving workflows, and manage returns. Add reasons for returns that can help your quality control team.

 Offer a World-Class eCommerce Site

Build your forward facing eCommerce site using Magento, the leading provider of eCommerce web platforms. They offer an open course product that fully integrates with the Acumatica ERP. 

 Sales Tax Automation

Remain in compliance and fully understand your sales tax obligation at the state, regional, and even national level. 

 Acumatica Advanced Fulfillment

Optimize inventory layout for item selection. Generate pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels for each order. Support barcodes and lot/serial numbers to ensure accurate order completion. Keep customers updated of shipment progress through each stage of order fulfillment with email automation.

Let Acumatica Take You To The Next Level

At Fourlane, we have more than a decade of experience helping small and mid-size businesses upgrade their financial and business management solutions. We have seen first hand what a properly implemented tool like Acumatica can do for a business, and we specialize in helping businesses transition from one software to another.

  • QuickBooks to Acumatica
  • NetSuite to Acumatica
  • Intact to Acumatica
  • GreatPlains to Acumatica

Let our team of experts help you implement Acumatica and take your business to the next level. Call (800) 931-2120 for a free demo of Acumatica Financial Management.

Features of Acumatica eCommerce ERP

 Advanced Financials

Add advanced financiall capabilities, including GL consolidation, sub-accounts, automatic revenue recognition, and inter-company accounting across multiple locations. 

 Advanced Distribution

Acumatica supports complex distribution models including multiple warehousing, automated inventoruy replenishment, automated shipping label creation, lot and serial numbers, and kit assembly.

 Magento Connection

You’ll have complete integration with the #1 eCommerce platform, Magento. 

 Product Configurator

Customize your products and give consumers what they want. Use dimensional and rules based tools on quotes, sales orders, and production orders. 

 Purchasing Integration

Sync up your sales orders and purchase orders and allocate inventory directly to orders. Automatically generate orders or link manually.

 Sales Order Management

 Manage sales activities centrally with a view into the performance of your eCommerce platform. You can enter quotes, fulfill sales orders, create shipments, track prices, apply discounts, and check available inventory.

 Lot and Serial Numbering

Assign or enter lot/serial numbers on receive, issue, or assembly. Associate item specific valuation methods to serial numbers to track specific costs.

 Inventory sub-items

Simplify reporting and tracking by separating items into sub-categories such as size, color, and style. Associate separate cost and quality information with each sub-item.

 Drop Shipments

Coordinate drop shipment orders when items need to be shipped directly to the customer’s location. Auto-release the sales order and invoice.