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We recently got a demo of the upcoming release of Acumatica Construction Edition.  Wow. We are so excited about this product! The construction industry now will have the complete business management system of Acumatica Cloud ERP, but tailored specifically to the needs of general contractors, home builders, subcontractors, and land developers. This is more than just a few reports. It is like a whole product built specifically for the needs of this industry.

The Construction Edition (with recent updates in September  and more to come) uses the Cloud xRP platform and core suites. This means you have the ability to do project management, accounting, contracts, job costs, commitments, subcontracts, and compliance and retainage. And with the cloud-based system.

Acumatica Construction ERP Pricing

We’ll cut right to the chase. Most companies assume ERP = expensive. Products like Netsuite do tend to start at $15,000 on the low end.

This product starts at just $6,000. For companies that are on the verge of outgrowing QuickBooks, that is actually less than a 30-user instance of QuickBooks Enterprise. So companies who make the switch are gaining more features, and paying less.

What makes Acumatica Construction ERP Unique

Acumatica Construction

With the Construction Edition, you can check your dashboards for revenue, costs and commitments, and equip staff and subcontractors with secure, private apps for sub-job needs, changes, time entry, and electronic signatures—all on phones and tablets. This allows you to follow projects – whether home, multi-family, commercial, mixed-used, land development, and other projects – all the way through in every aspect of building and construction.

You will still have access to everything that makes Acumatica a powerful tool: such as integrations to Power BI, scheduling with SmartSheet, signing and using documents with DocuSign and Adobe, and other integrations that will optimize your project management, better help you understand your revenue and spending, and seamlessly track all these moving factors from clients, to employees, to other entities.

Acumatica On-The-Go

Acumatica Construction editionAcumatica has a native mobile app on both iOS and Android operating systems. You can log in from a phone, tablet, or any internet/cellular enabled device.

This means that (unlike the standard QuickBooks Enterprise desktop version) you can access your full accounting system and construction ERP on a job site, in a warehouse, or in a client meeting. The native app is going to work faster and have greater usability than accessing the program in-browser.

Job Camera

Construction ERP Live Feed Dashboard Acumatica

Acumatica has native streaming capability, to ingest your project’s live stream. This will allow you to see a live view of the job site right from the project dashboard. You’d be amazed about the additional context this provides.

Change Order Log

Construction ERP Change Orders Acumatica

Easily view every single change order over the lifetime of the project. Sort by approved, revised, pending, and other statues, and track total change order amount.

Other key features

Project Management: A complete view of the project details that provides updates to the management team with any changes from the customer or the field.

Contracts: Manage contracts and link between contract details and sub-jobs in the project plan include all addenda and change orders.

Budgets: Budgets directly link to contracts, accounting, and the project plan for managing hard and soft costs, change orders, profits, overheads, and fees in real time.

Commitments: Subcontracts and purchase orders are immediately updated from accounts payable, including comparing budgets with actual and standard costs based on sub jobs and industry standard cost codes.

Job Costing: Enhanced costing tracks codes, types, and sub-jobs to keep project management and accounting in sync on actual and standard costs. This will allow you to track costs from start to end, provide more accurate cost estimates, save time and improve you accuracy, utilize reports to stay on top pf change orders more easily, and capture the details of project close-out.

Subcontracts: Subcontractors stay current on project needs from bidding through payment, including flexible retainage options.

Workflows: Use the standard workflow or create custom workflows for large projects, including estimating, scheduling, and approvals with electronic signatures.

Compliance: Manage lien waivers, insurance, certificates, and status updates, and alerts to expiration to staff and suppliers.

Project Billing: Confirm details and automatically generate pro forma, progress, and time and material invoices from one screen, including quick billing.

Retainage: For both accounts receivable and payable, manage initial retainage and any changes to streamline invoicing and payments. Retainage tracking is supported for progress billing and time and material billing of projects. Plus, project cost commitments are calculated with respect to retainage in purchase orders.

Payroll: Be able to support the complex payroll needs of your company. Utilize the Construction Mobile App to quickly check key reports on phones and tablets for staff and subcontractors, have employees put in their hours, and add in costs.

Quick Comparison of Acumatica & QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise also offer a Construction Edition. Here is a handy guide on some of the similarities, and differences, between the two products.

Acumatica Logo FullColor Stacked RGB

Construction Edition

Esloho Menu

Construction Edition

Job Costing



Change Orders



Advanced Reporting






But only in Gold & Platinum Editions




Project Management




Acumatica Dashboard
QuickBooks Contractor Dashboard


Acumatica is an end-to-end system whether from CRM to accounting to project management. And all cloud-based and seamlessly integrated. Acumatica is an investment for your business and takes the complex solutions and seamlessly works them together. That way you can manage what you have and have a system that will grow with your business needs.

Acumatica released this version last year and updated the Construction edition in September 2018. We are excited to see what more can be done in their industry-specific editions in the future.

Learn more about Acumatica! Request a free demo with Fourlane specialists to see all that Acumatica has to offer.


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