Acumatica – September 2018 Release

Acumatica Updates

Acumatica continues to focus on reducing complexity. Although it is an ERP tool, the goal is to provide cloud-based software that is significantly less complex than other offerings. This is highlighted in the latest round of updates to Acumatica’s Industry Solutions, Module Functionality, and the Acumatica xRP Platform, which was released in September 2018. This is a recap of the most important 2018 updates in advance of the January Acumatica Summit in Houston, where even more product improvements and new features are expected to be announced!

New 2018 Industry Specific Solutions

Acumatica is now offering a Construction Edition was announced in January of 2018 and includes extensions to many industry tools. The big investment here definitely shows the Acumatica is working hard to play in this space that has long been dominated by niche software.

  • The Procore integration for managing field operations through real-time access and upgrades to construction project management.
  • Requests for Information (RFI). This includes a lifecycle management capability for requests, notifications, tracking, automatic email linking, and conversions from RFIs to change requests.
  • New project issue management now equips all team members to document, communicate, and manage issues on phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Compliance improvements include automatic processing.
  • Usability, which includes adding stored materials to pro forma invoices, as well as import and export scenarios to update cost to complete, the percentage of completion, and cost of completion for Work in Process (WIP) reporting.

The Distribution Edition was released in April, but R1 updates include significant improvements to this module. So this is another industry to watch.

New xRP Platform 2018 Features


Acumatica now offers the ability to send push notifications to a mobile device.


Push notifications!

Navigation, and customization updates

Improvements to their user interface, which includes targeted pop-up notes, branch navigation, and improved date management.

Revised welcome page such as links to helpful resources and pop-up notes relevant to with the documents, customers, vendors, and items you are working on.

Navigation improvements between companies and branches, which will make working with a customer with multiple entries easier.

Engineering Change Control now has more revision status controls in the BOM. This will allow you to more simply do product changes, improve product design, and reduce costs.

Production Management. This will streamline production of a stock item and simplify production management.

Support for omni-channel sales with additional sales order processing workflows

Field Service Management functionality for creating a sales quote and a service order from an opportunity, along with the ability to easily copy notes and attachments into orders. Service orders can allocate items and display calculated tax amounts. This includes added inventory allocation controls and scheduling improvements so you can have your inventory ready for your appointments.

Pre-payment and tax calculation on orders.


New Acumatica reporting capabilities

Improved Reporting Capabilities

You will now be able to see pivot tables along with the Generic Inquiries. You will also be able to be able to display and manage the details of specific records in an inquiry on the same screen. For those that regularly create reporting packages, you will now be able to merge reports together and send them as an HTML or PDF file


Acumatica has also put a lot of development effort into integrated business intelligence tools (BI), using the backbone of Microsoft Power BI, to help businesses aggregate their data from multiple sources, extract actionable information for strategic and tactical decision-making, and present it visually to stakeholders. Business Intelligence helps companies make sense out of all the raw data from your system, such as predicting custom behavior, sussing out fraud, and finding profitability opportunities.



Acumatica-xrp-platform-featureImproved Module Functionality

  1. Financial Management, specifically for closing financial periods, is now easier. You can now close financial periods by company by providing different financial periods to manage books separately for each company in the same tenant. This means multi-entity companies can now close books independently of one another. Also, Acumatica now provides a Tax Calculation Integration Plug-In to support a choice of sales tax calculation providers.
  2. For Project Accounting, Acumatica will integrate labor cost rates and project labor cost accounting with payroll. There is also added support for creating complex quote processes and making this collaborative process more seamless among team members. So you can focus on turning leads into clients.
  3. CRM upgrades include Outlook integration enhancements that will link email activities with any contact in the system.


What’s next?

In January Acumatica will be having its Acumatica Summit 2019. There, they will be sharing several new feautures to Acumatica 2019 R1. We’re excited to bring that information to you and make Acumatica a powerful tool for your organization.

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