What we’re expecting at Acumatica Summit 2019

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We are less than 1 week away from Acumatica Summit 2019!

Here are our thoughts on some of the themes and takeaways we can expect around Acumatica in 2019.

Construction, Construction,  Construction

Acumatica announced Construction Edition 2018, and we’ve gotten a demo. It is incredibly robust, includes a lot of features around AIA reports, a job site camera right on the page (!), and great job costing features. It also starts at just $6,000, which is about $20,000 less than the opening price for most ERPs. This low price point definitely shows that the Acumatica acquisition team has industry domination in their sights. They recently presented the product at the NAHB International Builders Show 2019.

We are expecting new features related to Construction Edition to be announced at the Summit. Our team member Cynthia Hemingway will be attending a week long training specifically on this edition. From our experience, Construction tends to be a “lagging” industry that is often still in legacy products, so it is important that these companies have an Acumatica partner that can actively lead the conversion and can speak plainly about things like switching to a cloud environment, and resource-based billing.

Targeting the CFOs

Any one of a number of people may be the one driving a change in business/financial software. We work with CEO’s, IT Consultants, Controllers, General Managers, and CFO’s. However, Acumatica has been laser focused on reaching CFO’s specifically with their blog series on The Challenges of a Modern CFO. This speaks to a commitment towards reporting – both in function, and form. Acumatica differs from other ERP products in that the reporting suite is embedded and not just an integration with a tool like Crystal Reports or Tableau. They also are one of the only ERP systems that offers true business intelligence – all things that a modern CFO is going to love.

On the flip side, we find that since CFO’s are less involved in the day-to-day operations of a business,  they are less concerned with things like workflows and processes.  They are more concerned with the output numbers and overall business health. So we hope Acumatica doesn’t sacrifice the function of the product for the resulting reports. We’ll report back after the Acumatica Summit 2019!

More deployment options

Acumatica was built on the cloud and its market position as the “cloud ERP” isn’t going away. However, many larger companies are used to hosting their software locally, and have already made the server investment. Acumatica already does offer local hosting as an option, but expect to see it publicized more in 2019 and beyond.


Acumatica is a relatively small team. 271 employees vs. Netsuite’s 23,000. So their development strategy needs to be focused around the core software. Hence why they have embraced integrations, open source plugins, and developers using their SDK. Acumatica doesn’t want to do it all, but they want great third party tools that do.

There is even a hackathon before the Acumatica Summit this year. So there is clearly a major focus to get developers on board with the platform, as well as interested in building plugins and integrated tools.

Attending the Summit?

We’ll be there in full force! Let’s schedule a time to meet. Shoot us an email at


About Jennie Tran

Our Acumatica go-to-person, Jennie has over 20- years of experience under her belt in Accounting, Finance, and Financial Systems. She is our Senior Implementation Consultant at Fourlane, Inc. and an Acumatica certified Advanced Business Consultant, System Administrator, and Application Specialist. Her deep knowledge of financial systems and implementing them is an asset to Fourlane and our clients.

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