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Getting Started

In this section, we will cover how to get started using the site and recommendations on getting the most out of our online training. This brief video demonstrates how to use and navigate Fourlane’s online courses, view lessons, how to take quizes, and online certifications.

Website Navigation
Our online training content is broken down into two main sections: Courses and Video Archives. The primary difference between the two is that Courses offer a more directed track for mastering specific topics with the ability to track your progress, earn certificates of completion, and earn CPE credits (coming soon).

Our QuickBooks Courses are classified into two categories: Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced. You may take the courses in any order you wish; however it is recommended you view the beginner to intermediate courses before moving to advanced.

Our QuickBooks Video Archive is organized into 3 primary categories:  QuickBooks Beginner, QuickBooks Intermediate, and QuickBooks Advanced. Within each of the 3 primary categories are sub-categories listed in logical order from top to bottom. For example, if you are starting with the QuickBooks Beginner section, you would start with the first category link “Prepare For Setup”. Although this is the recommended order, it is OK if you skip around.

Some videos will be found within both the Video Archives and Courses.

Viewing a Video
To ensure maximum capability across many different browsers and devices our videos are hosted and streamed by Vimeo Enterprise.

  • To start the playback of a video, simply click the play icon  on the left.
  • The total duration of a video will be listed next to the play icon in a min:seconds format (e.g. 02:01).
  • To view a video in full screen mode, click the full screen icon  on the bottom far right side.
  • To adjust the resolution, click the HD label on the bottom far right to expand the HD options. Then, choose either Auto, 360p, 540p, 720p (default setting is Auto).

My Courses

To access courses that you have purchased, visit the My Courses page listed under the My Account drop down menu or on your Account Dashboard.

        (click to enlarge)

The My Courses page will contain all of your online learning activities and enrolled course information.

To edit your profile and add a photo, click the edit profile link.

Registered Courses
A list of courses available to you will be listed in the Registered Courses section. To see your current course progress, click the arrow “>” to expand the section. Within this section, you will find your current course progress,course status (completed will have a solid checkmark), quiz data including statistics, quiz score, date the quiz was taken, and any available certificates of completion.

Within the Course Progress Overview section, you will see quiz score(s), date taken, and a statistics icon. To view your quiz results, click on the  icon.

Certificates of Completion
If you have earned a course certificate of completion, you will be able to view and print the certificate by clicking on the  icon. 

System Requirements

To watch our training videos, you must be connected to the Internet. We recommend a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection for optimal mobile viewing. To test if your system is capable of viewing our videos, please visit Vimeo or YouTube and watch any video.

Minimum Requirements

  • Safari 6 or later, Google Chrome 11 or later, Firefox 30 or later, Internet Explorer 9 or later
  • Mac OS 10.8 or later, Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • Broadband connection of 1 Mbps or greater

Recommended settings for full site

  • Safari 8 or later, Google Chrome 41 or later, Firefox 35 or later, Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • Mac OS 10.10 or later, Windows 8.1 or later
  • Broadband connection of 3 mbps or greater

Recommended settings for mobile browsing

  • Default Android browser or Mobile Safari
  • Android 2.3+ or iOS 7.0+

Frequently Asked Questions

What editions of QuickBooks does your online training cover?
Our online training applies to all Windows-based Desktop editions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise.

Do I need QuickBooks on my computer?
No, it is not required.

Do you offer any online quizzes or testing tools?
Yes, each course includes a course quiz at the end

Do you offer any Certificates of Completion?
Yes, our courses offer Certificates of Completion. To earn a certificate, you must earn a passing grade for the course quiz. Some courses require a higher passing grade due to CPE requirements.

Are the training courses hands-on?
Yes. If you have QuickBooks installed on your computer, you can pause the class and switch to QuickBooks to practice hands-on with your company file or with a sample company file.

Which version of QuickBooks do you teach? Do I need to have the most current edition?
Our training applies to QuickBooks Desktop software (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, etc.). Don’t worry if you have a different version. Older versions work basically the same way.

Do you offer closed captioning?
Currently, we do not offer closed captioning. Closed captioning is an assistive technology that presents spoken words and sounds as a text track, or “captions”. The term “closed” means that not all viewers see the captions automatically; closed captions must be activated or enabled. If you’ve ever watched a foreign film with subtitles, closed captions are quite similar – the main difference being that the text shown on screen is the same language that is being spoken.

Do I receive CPE or Intuit ACE credit(s) for your online QuickBooks training?
Fourlane is both NASBA (CPE) and Intuit Advanced Continuing Education (ACE) approved. For a list of accredited courses, please visit our Courses page and sort by CPE / ACE.

I have questions about an online training video? Do you offer free help?
No. Your subscription fee is for self-paced access to our online training videos only and does not include additional 1-on-1 training from an instructor. If you require additional 1-on-1 training, we offer hourly training packages for a fee. Please contact us for a quote.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits or educational institutions?
Yes. Please contact us to find out what pricing your organization is eligible for.

Can I get my money back if I’m not satisfied?
Yes. We offer a 14 Day money back guarantee.


Why does my video start and stop (buffer) during playback?
If you’re experiencing excessive buffering during playback, it’s probably because your Internet connection cannot support continuous playback of the selected video quality. Switch to “Auto” in the quality menu if available. This will allow the player to select the best quality video file to stream. If “Auto” is not available, switch to one of the lower quality options.

You may also want to try one of the following:

  • Close extra browser tabs or other applications that may be using up your bandwidth.
  • Make sure you’re using the latest version of your browser.

If you’re still having trouble with playback, you can always reach out to our support team. Please provide with as much information as possible, including the specific video(s) you’re attempting to view, a detailed description of the problem you’re experiencing, and your browser and operating system specs.

You’ve asked me to clear cache on a page or the browser. How do I do that?
To clear the cache in your browser hold down the shift button and reload the page. This method resets the information about the page that’s stored in your browser.

What does “Auto” mean in the quality menu?
When you have “Auto” selected in the quality menu, our player will intelligently select the best quality for your particular network connection. This means you’ll avoid buffering delays and enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience.