Job Description

Title: Guest Writer
Location: Nationwide
Job Type: Contractor, Per Article

Fourlane is looking for enthusiastic writers to help us expand the content offerings on our website. If you have expertise or a strong reputation in the accounting, financial, or technology industry, we would love to explore partnership opportunities.


Our preferred content is around QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise), Point-of-Sale, and/or Field Service Management products. We also love content around the state of the financial technology industry, best practices for accounting/IT firms, lessons learned from conferences, and generally anything that would be interesting or helpful to people in the accounting technology space.

We welcome strong points of view, potentially controversial topics, and unique insights. Our Director of Marketing can help you find a direction for your piece and can help with graphic design and social media asset development.




Our preferred article length is 800-1200 words, equating to roughly $250 per article.

Publishing Rights

We retain exclusive rights to produced content for six (6) months following publish of the article or blog post. After six months you are free to reproduce the content on your website or affiliate sites, but must include “First published on” with a link to our website.


Our blog posts are published on our website, which receives in excess of 3,500 visitors each week. Our top blog posts typically receive 500+ unique views each week. Blog content will be promoted via social media, reaching 5,000+ industry leaders, including accountants, technology professionals, and business owners. Select blog posts may be promoted via email marketing, which goes out to targeted groups of Fourlane customers You are welcome to share content across your network as well.

What’s Included

A backlink to your website or a website of your choice.

A photo and bio on our website.

A link to your preferred social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)