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Tip of the Day: Setting up Merchant Services Inside of QuickBooks

This informative how-to guide will provide a step by step description of the process to set up merchant services inside QuickBooks Point of Sale software:

  • Initial set up of merchant account service
  • How to process debit & credit card transactions
  • Processing PIN debit card transactions
  • Handling end of the day activities
  • Reconciling Point of Sale payment transactions

Initial set up of merchant account service

  • Step 1: Open QuickBooks Point of Sale Software
  • Step 2: From the Company menu, Select Company Preferences
  • Step 3: Click on Merchant Service. You will see the dialog box below
  • Step 4: Enter the your merchant account number.
  • Step 5: Now you can begin accepting credit and debit cards!



How to process debit & credit card transactions

  • Step 1: Have them either swipe the card or enter the information by hand
  • Step 2: Then they should click “Authorize”



Processing PIN debit card transaction

Processing PIN debit card transactions

This simple screen appears when a customer wants to use a PIN debit card to make a purchase and/or get cash back.


End of Day activities are automatic! Select from the closing procedures you want to occur:

  • End of Day reports including print immediately functionality
  • Back Up of Company Data
  • Batching merchant account service activity
  • Exchange your financial data with QuickBooks Point of Sale


Reconciling your Point of Sale payment transactions

  • Merchants can easily identify which Point of Sale card payment transactions were included in their bank account deposits.
  • Transactions are grouped into batches on the QuickBooks Payments to Deposits screen for easy and quick reconciliation.




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