Cynthia Hemingway

Chief Financial Officer

Cynthia Hemingway, CFO, and a partner with Fourlane, is a powerhouse of accounting knowledge, with a strong desire to empower her customers and teammates. Whether the customer is a sole proprietor just beginning their business adventure, or a seasoned CEO who manages a multi-million dollar company, Cynthia explains concepts in a clear and straightforward manner that cuts through information overload.

With more than 30 years of accounting and management experience, Cynthia excels at troubleshooting and diagnosing technical, procedural, and accounting issues. She holds a master’s degree in business administration, with a concentration in accounting, from Strayer University.

When she is not saving the world with her accounting superpowers, you will find Cynthia laughing at the antics of her beloved pets, or finding treasures at antique stores and craft shows. She is passionate about dog rescues, and has fostered many precious animals throughout the years. As a child, Cynthia dreamed of becoming a game warden, but Fourlane is happy that she chose the world of accounting, instead.

When working with Cynthia, rest assured that her main goal is to relieve her customers of the tedious tasks that steal time from the day. She achieves this goal by fine-tuning processes and sharing essential knowledge. Count on Cynthia for authentic communication at the highest level.

Cynthia Hemingway