Lightspeed Retail POS

Grow faster with Lightspeed Retail POS

Work with the QuickBooks experts and retail specialists at Fourlane to implement Lightspeed POS for your growing business.

Integrated accounting

Save time and reduce errors when you connect QuickBooks accounting software to Lightspeed Retail.

Fast, secure payments

Lightspeed Payments gives you everything you need to process sales and get paid, all in one place.

Built for growth

Lightspeed grows with you. Oversee all your stores, teams and sales channels from one single source of truth.

Retail POS System

Lightspeed, your one-stop retail POS solution

Lightspeed Retail has the software you need to delight shoppers at the checkout counter and beyond. Whether you’re using a laptop, PC or tablet, Lightspeed Retail lets you stay on top of your sales and customers.


Lightspeed Retail POS Pricing

Get a custom quote based your unique business requirements. Talk to one of our experts today.


Inventory Management

Lightspeed makes inventory a breeze

From inventory planning to tracking and reorders, Lightspeed Retail helps you stock the right products at the right time.

Payment Processing

Fast, integrated payments with Lightspeed

Lightspeed Payments gives your customers the flexibility they crave, all while protecting their data. Accept credit cards, offer one-click payments and more.


QuickBooks Integration

Link your POS to your accounting software

Spend less time managing your business and more time growing it. With Lightspeed Accounting, automatically sync your bookkeeping data between platforms, so your books are always accurate and up-to-date.

Sales, payments, discounts or taxes, everything is transferred to the account of your choice in your accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, etc. Pick a posting method and get a daily sales receipt, a profit and losses report and more.

Reporting & Analytics

Make better decisions with Lightspeed Retail

Access sophisticated POS reporting and analytics that shed light on every aspect of your business—inventory, sales, customers and staff. Enjoy customizable reports built just for your business.


Lightspeed ECommerce

Sell everywhere with Lightspeed

Open a storefront that never closes its doors. Lightspeed is the one-stop ecommerce platform to scale your business and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Loyalty & Marketing

All loyalty and marketing needs in one place

Deepen your customer relationships, streamline your marketing initiatives, and grow your bottom line with Lightspeed. 


POS hardware options

Whether you’re using a mobile device or stationing your POS on a counter, Lightspeed has the hardware you’re looking for From individual hardware options to Lightspeed’s desktop and tablet hardware kits, get all of the equipment you need to create a clean and modern setup in your store. Get a custom package tailored to how you run your retail operation – contact us for a quote.

Manage your retail operations easily with Lightspeed POS