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Whether you are outgrowing QuickBooks or need an alternative to your current ERP software, Fourlane can help you customize and implement NetSuite ERP for your specific business and industry. Get a free demo and consultation.

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Oracle NetSuite

ERP software for small to medium businesses

NetSuite is an easy-to-use, cloud ERP system that helps small and medium businesses function more effectively by automating processes and providing real-time visibility into operational and financial performance. With one unified suite of applications for managing accounting, order processing, inventory management, production, supply chain, and warehouse operations, NetSuite ERP gives companies clear visibility into their data and tighter control over their businesses.

NetSuite isn’t just for large enterprises. If you’re currently using QuickBooks or another small business accounting software and need an alternative to fit your growing business, let us show you how NetSuite can work for you.

Outgrowing QuickBooks?

Work with the #1 QuickBooks consulting firm to help you migrate to NetSuite.

Why Fourlane

Fourlane, the #1 Elite QuickBooks Solution Provider and Reseller, has helped thousands of clients inside and outside of the QuickBooks sphere. Fourlane’s expertise also extends throughout the NetSuite ERP software, and we are ready to help businesses with their financial systems, accounting software, and ERP system challenges. As industry and product experts for the most widely used accounting and ERP software solutions, we make sure our clients are buying the right software at the best price and recommend the best platform with a focus on our clients’ long term success.

“Fourlane’s broad expertise in all of Intuit’s products gives them the ability to provide exceptional service to QuickBooks’ users. As a QuickBooks Solution Provider, we count on solutions Fourlane provides to small- and mid-sized businesses all over the country.”

-Simon Pass, Intuit Reseller Program Sales Leader

Quickbooks Oracle Netsuite solution provider.

Consulting and Advisory

We can help with every aspect of NetSuite, including system design, inventory cleanup, business process, workflows, and more.

Data Conversion and Migration

With thousands of QuickBooks data conversions, Fourlane is the most trusted company for moving your data to and from QuickBooks.

Setup and Implementation

Based on the scope of your project, we will jointly develop an in-depth, custom NetSuite ERP implementation plan tailored just for you.

Business process & workflows

We will analyze your current processes – what is done in NetSuite and other systems and design a workflow.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Make more informed business decisions with key NetSuite reports, graphs and dashboards.

System Optimization and Review

We’ll review & clean up your chart of accounts, lists, items, accounts receivable, templates, inventory & more.

Customized Product Training

We’ll create customized training and documentation specific to your business, processes, and industry.

NetSuite ERP Features

Make smarter decisions faster using the world's most deployed cloud ERP solution. NetSuite ERP automates, improves, and helps businesses better control the accounting process. NetSuite offers businesses top-tier features that change the way you think about accounting.

Fourlane DRIVETM

At Fourlane, we have a proven client engagement process that helps ‘drive’ long-term success.

1. Discover

We begin by understanding your systems and current processes to discover root issue and potential challenges.

2. Right Fit

Receive open and authentic communication from our team on which products are right for you.

3. Inform

Our comprehensive and informative project scoping process is designed to eliminate any potential roadblocks.

4. Vision Implementation

Your project commences with the end goal of getting the right data to make informed business decisions.

5. Endless Execution

Our ongoing review of systems & output to ensure processes are being followed and your investment is being executed.

Go Live Faster With NetSuite SuiteSuccess

Decrease deployment time with preconfigured NetSuite Editions that incorporate best practices, proven workflows, and predefined function roles complete with relevant dashboards, KPIs, and reports.

Financials First Edition

Ideal for rapidly growing companies needing a foundational financial management system that can scale and adapt as the business expands.

Health & Beauty Edition

Links a health and/or beauty company’s front and back ends systems to enable the delivery of a consistently outstanding experience.

Retail Edition

Get real-time access to the financial and operational performance of your retail business. Optimize your inventory and order management across all channels.

Starter Products Edition

Designed for small, rapidly growing CPG and products-based companies that need accounting, inventory, order, sales and purchase management.

Manufacturing Edition

Empowers manufacturers to make informed decisions based on a real-time, unified view of procurement, production and financial data.

Food & Beverage Edition

Offers food and beverage brands the control and visibility they need to be successful by connecting ecommerce, financial, supply chain and order management functions.

Starter Services Edition

Tailored to small, rapidly growing service-based organizations that need accounting, project management, time and expense entry, billing and project reporting.

Nonprofit Edition

Gain efficiencies with a powerful nonprofit fiscal management system built to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Software Edition

Achieve the financial and operational agility to evolve and innovate at the speed of this fast-changing industry.

Apparel & Footwear Edition

Enhance operations with a single view of inventory, order, merchandise and unified omnichannel commerce built around the customer experience.

Wholesale Distribution Edition

Delivers a unified solution to manage financials and operational processes for wholesale distribution companies that have traditionally operated on multiple disconnected systems.

Media & Publishing Edition

Unify operations and manage all your customers — subscribers and advertisers — in a single system that handles financials, sales, services and analytics.

Industry Experts

A Partner That Understands Your Business & Industry

Through solutions such as NetSuite ERP, we are able to provide the expertise needed for several industries. We are well versed in utilizing industry specific features within NetSuite ERP as well as integrating the 3rd party add-ons available.

Having performed thousands of client engagements across several industries, we have the knowledge and experience you can rely on in a business partner. Get help with finding, implementing and optimizing the right solution for your business.


NetSuite Solution Provider

Why Work With Fourlane

Fourlane is a Certified NetSuite Solution Provider, with over 5,000 clients who have trusted us to help them choose the right accounting and ERP software for their company. We have an experienced team of NetSuite ERP experts ready to help make your transition as smooth as possible, whether you’ve outgrown QuickBooks or are looking for a system that can keep up with your growth. In addition to implementation and support assistance, we offer robust consulting services including system design, implementation, reporting, & more.  

We are proud to offer NetSuite to our clients for its affordable pricing model, and cloud-based ERP system, and so you can securely keep control of your data. We will help you every step of the way; sign up for a consultation to learn more.

NetSuite Data Management & Security

The NetSuite service is natively multi-tenant and leverages cloud infrastructure designed around multiple layers of redundancy.


Many layers in the NetSuite system contain multiple levels of redundancy. This design allows uninterrupted service because redundant systems automatically assume processing in the event that one or more elements fail.

Dedicated Security Team

Oracle NetSuite employs a global security team dedicated to enforcing security policies, monitoring alerts and investigating any anomalous system behavior including unauthorized connection attempts and malicious software.

High-Performance Databases

The NetSuite application runs on high-performance database server hardware with multiple cores and maximum RAM configuration. NetSuite production database servers run exclusively on solid state storage.


NetSuite supports over 31,000 customers with over 1.5 billion application requests per day and more than six petabytes of data under management.


Transmission of user credentials, as well as all data in the resultant connection, are encrypted with industry standard protocol and cipher suite.

Continuous Monitoring

NetSuite employs network and server-based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to identify malicious traffic attempting to access its servers and networks.

Role-Level Access

Each end user can be assigned a specific role with permissions that are specific only to their job. Plus, there is a complete audit trail that tracks changes to each transaction user and a timestamp.

Disaster Recovery

Semi-annual DR exercises ensure that systems and processes are in place, as well as to assess and enhance the competency of all personnel key to the successful implementation of DR activities.

Event Response Team

A global cloud event response team is dedicated to expediting responses and resolutions while establishing communications and regular updates during service-impacting events.

Explore NetSuite

One unified business suite, with ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce for more than 33,000 customers

Accounting Software

NetSuite transforms your general ledger, optimizes AR, automates AP and streamlines tax management.

CRM Software

Manage interactions with current and potential customers, partners and suppliers in a single place.

Financial Management

NetSuite ERP provides valuable, real-time visibility into the financial performance of any business.

Inventory Management

NetSuite automate inventory management, reduce handling costs, optimize cash flow.

Order Management

NetSuite automates and manages the life cycle of an order – from an order to delivery to post-sales service.

Warehouse Management

NetSuite WMS optimizes day-to-day warehouse operations using industry-leading practices.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Fourlane is a stellar organization as a whole. They are in it for the long haul and it shows. They positively revolutionized our entire accounting process. They’ve been very patient in the planning phase of our new ERP system. We’ve entrusted Fourlane with the future of our business and it’s been the best move we’ve made to date.

Gemma Goeas - Fourlane

Gemma Goeas

Accounting Director, KniTec

We have been working with Fourlane for over three years now.  They are wonderful and a pleasure to work with. They have improved our inventory management and month-end process tremendously!


Jonathan Miller

CFO, Earth Animal Ventures

My Quickbooks company file was enormous, with some data corruption, so we needed to migrate to a new file. Fourlane had the expertise, tools, and friendly staff to get us set up with a new file, keeping important data, and purging the old data, all with minimal downtime.  I put my company’s future in Fourlane’s hands, and they delivered!

John Costelli - Castle Merchandising

John Costelli

President, Castle Merchandising

Fourlane helped us convert from NetSuite to Quickbooks. I’m very impressed with the professionalism and competency of everyone at Fourlane, without exception. Fourlane is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We had a short deadline and Fourlane in to make sure we were able to meet it, as well as to patiently explain the process. 


Jim Roundtree

CFO, Cinsay

Make the move to NetSuite today, the #1 Cloud ERP software

FAQs About NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based ERP system that integrates various business functions into a single platform. It differs from other ERP systems in its scalability, flexibility, and comprehensive suite of features tailored for businesses of all sizes and industries.

NetSuite ERP offers features such as financial management, inventory management, order management, procurement, CRM, e-commerce, project management, and more. It provides real-time visibility into business operations and supports business growth and agility.

NetSuite ERP is highly customizable. Fourlane can help you tailor the system to fit your unique business requirements with personalized workflows, reports, and dashboards. No matter the size of your operation, NetSuite can be adapted to your industry and growth, providing flexibility and scalability.

It’s easy to manage company finances and reports with NetSuite ERP’s robust accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting tools. These tools ensure accuracy, efficiency, and compliance for businesses of all sizes. Learn more about what NetSuite has to offer when you connect with one of Fourlane’s experts.

NetSuite ERP works for businesses of various sizes and industries. Its modular structure allows you to start with the elements you need and scale up as your business grows. NetSuite ERP is designed to adapt and support your evolving needs whether you’re a small, mid-sized, or large enterprise company.

NetSuite places a strong emphasis on data security. With industry-leading encryption, role-based access controls, and continuous monitoring, NetSuite ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your data. NetSuite ERP has regular updates and compliance with security standards contributes to a secure environment.

NetSuite ERP supports integrations with a wide range of third-party applications. Your business can integrate anything from CRM software to e-commerce platforms and other business tools your company may already be utilizing.

Yes, NetSuite ERP provides comprehensive inventory management and supply chain optimization features, including inventory tracking, demand planning, procurement, warehouse management, and vendor management. It helps businesses optimize inventory levels, reduce costs, and improve supply chain efficiency.

Yes, NetSuite ERP supports multi-currency and multi-language capabilities, making it suitable for businesses operating globally. It enables transactions, reporting, and financial consolidation in multiple currencies and languages.