QuickBooks Programming

With our QuickBooks programming and integration services, we extend QuickBooks beyond its core functionality, giving you a cost-effective alternative to switching to a larger, more expensive accounting or ERP system.

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QuickBooks Programming Services

Push The Limits Of QuickBooks

Hire one of our QuickBooks programming experts to help solve critical business needs by extending and integrating QuickBooks customization beyond the box. This means more time spent using QuickBooks, rather than converting to expensive, over-developed accounting software packages, and a tailored solution that perfectly fits your business needs. We help our clients keep using QuickBooks as their business continues to grow.

When working with QuickBooks programming experts, we work directly with the database via the Intuit SDK using .Net development tools (C#/C++/VB.net). We are also well versed in PHP/Java/Javascript as well as most common DBMS (SQL). Some examples include:

QuickBooks Programming Projects We've Done

We have performed hundreds of QuickBooks programming projects. The following list of applications and reports are available for sale with some initial configuration and customization required.

Bulk Build Assembly for QuickBooks

Creates builds for anything that is below the reorder point.

Job Cost Actual vs Estimate for QuickBooks

Pulls change order, pulls estimate vs. actual, percentage of completion, and cash flow per job.

Bulk Reorder for QuickBooks

Have reorder point, reorder quantity, preferred vendor, auto create PO’s, bulk editing & more.

Job Cost with Projected Labor for QuickBooks

Pulls Time data and shows Job costs before running payroll based on time data.

Invoice Consolidation Tool

Consolidates multiple QuickBooks invoices into a single invoice.

POS Interface for QuickBooks Enterprise

Point of Sale style front-end interface for QuickBooks Enterprise.

Inter-company Reconciliation Tool for QuickBooks

Allows you to reconcile inter-company balance sheet accounts.

Signature Capture for QuickBooks

Capture a signature on credit card or invoice transactions – keep record for printing later.


QuickBooks Integration

Increase productivity and efficiency

Using programs specifically designed for time-keeping, estimating, order management, and customer management doesn’t have to be cumbersome.  QuickBooks integration is about bringing specialized data into your QuickBooks environment, along with any customizations that may entail. Instead of battling the inefficiencies of switching from one program to the next, let us help you integrate your third-party programs directly into QuickBooks.

Fourlane will make sure the data you need from other programs can be pulled up and used in the right data stream inside QuickBooks.

Many of the more popular programs have integration solutions, but for those lacking an off-the-shelf solution, we will find a way to integrate the right processes for you. No longer will you lose countless hours rekeying data into QuickBooks.

QuickBooks ERP Solutions

QuickBooks Mid Market Solutions

QuickBooks isn’t just for small businesses. Through our QuickBooks programming and integration services, we make QuickBooks work for medium-sized enterprises as well.  However, if you’ve hit a ceiling in what QuickBooks can do for your growing business, Fourlane is just one of a small handful of firms that have bridged the gap between QuickBooks and ERP systems.

Most firms in the ERP space are either IT or accounting focused but don’t understand the system AND the financial piece – we know both and can help. Fourlane has consultants certified in QuickBooks and other ERP software such as NetSuite and Acumatica.


Fourlane DRIVETM

At Fourlane, we have a proven client engagement process that helps ‘drive’ long-term success.

1. Discover

We begin by understanding your systems and current processes to discover root issue and potential challenges.

2. Right Fit

Receive open and authentic communication from our team on which products are right for you.

3. Inform

Our comprehensive and informative project scoping process is designed to eliminate any potential roadblocks.

4. Vision Implementation

Your project commences with the end goal of getting the right data to make informed business decisions.

5. Endless Execution

Our ongoing review of systems & output to ensure processes are being followed and your investment is being executed.


Industry Specialized QuickBooks Programming

A Partner That Understands Your Business & Industry

Fourlane has the most experienced professionals available when you want a QuickBooks consultant. Our QuickBooks programmers and consultants have worked with thousands of businesses within every industry imaginable. They have the experience needed to tailor QuickBooks and their ERP systems to fit the unique needs every industry requires. Whether you run a small candy shop, an international corporation, a residential plumbing company, a law firm, a computer repair company, or a fast-growing nonprofit, we’ve seen it, done it, and can help with QuickBooks programming.

Customer Story

Fourlane develops an app in QuickBooks that allows a direct primary care practice to meet state requirements

For Seattle Medical Associates – a primary care practice that accepts only cash payments – its month-end reporting process wasn’t working anymore. With specific state requirements to meet, the medical practice needed an accurate monthly reporting process, with ongoing support for accounting procedures available when the staff has questions.

quickbooks pro badges

QuickBooks ProAdvisors

Certified QuickBooks Programming Experts

Having performed thousands of QuickBooks implementations and engagements in all fifty states, our team of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors has knowledge and experience you can rely on in a business partner. Get help with implementing and optimizing the right QuickBooks solution for your business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Fourlane is a stellar organization as a whole. They are in it for the long haul and it shows. They positively revolutionized our entire accounting process. They’ve been very patient in the planning phase of our new ERP system. We’ve entrusted Fourlane with the future of our business and it’s been the best move we’ve made to date.

Gemma Goeas - Fourlane

Gemma Goeas

Accounting Director, KniTec

We have been working with Fourlane for over three years now.  They are wonderful and a pleasure to work with. They have improved our inventory management and month-end process tremendously!


Jonathan Miller

CFO, Earth Animal Ventures

My Quickbooks company file was enormous, with some data corruption, so we needed to migrate to a new file. Fourlane had the expertise, tools, and friendly staff to get us set up with a new file, keeping important data, and purging the old data, all with minimal downtime.  I put my company’s future in Fourlane’s hands, and they delivered!

John Costelli - Castle Merchandising

John Costelli

President, Castle Merchandising

Fourlane helped us convert from NetSuite to Quickbooks. I’m very impressed with the professionalism and competency of everyone at Fourlane, without exception. Fourlane is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We had a short deadline and Fourlane in to make sure we were able to meet it, as well as to patiently explain the process. 


Jim Roundtree

CFO, Cinsay

Let Fourlane solve your QuickBooks programming challenges

FAQs About QuickBooks Programming

The QuickBooks programming process involves tailoring the software to meet your unique and specific business needs. QuickBooks programming can include creating custom reports and forms or adding features that don’t come in the general QuickBooks package.

Your business needs QuickBooks programming because it can make QuickBooks more convenient for you and your business. As you adapt the software to your industry needs, workflow, personal preferences, or reporting needs, it can address unique requirements, streamline processes, and make your entire operation more efficient.

The possible customizations in QuickBooks include:

  • Creating custom reports
  • Adding new fields to existing forms
  • Integrating third-party applications you use
  • Automating tasks
  • Developing specialized features for your business

No. The more basic forms of QuickBooks customization don’t require QuickBooks programming skills or previous experience, thanks to QuickBooks’ built-in tools. If you need more complex customizations, however, it’s best to work with a professional consultant or QuickBooks expert who can walk you through the process.

Yes. You can customize QuickBooks online with the QuickBooks Online API. You can also integrate this with your other applications; however, we recommend hiring a consultant to help you.

Yes. You can have your QuickBooks account integrated with many third-party applications. These applications include CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and inventory management systems. Incorporating these apps will streamline data sharing, making your system accurate and more efficient.

To ensure security when customizing QuickBooks, take the necessary precautions. Don’t use a public computer and use one with antivirus software installed. It’s also a good practice to work with experienced consultants who know how to minimize security risks.

The exact cost of QuickBooks programming and customization will depend on the complexity of the project and who you hire as a programmer. The only way to get an accurate estimate is to reach out to a developer and get an individual quote for you and your business.

How long a QuickBooks programming project takes to complete will vary based on how complex the project is, the business size and scope, and the experience level of your consultant. A basic add-on could take a couple of weeks, while a more complex app built from scratch may take months.

No. However, it’s usually a good idea to have ongoing contact with the person who manages your customization process. That way, if you have any further changes you want to make, have any issues, or need to update your system as your business evolves, you can get immediate assistance.

Yes. Most customizations can be reversed or modified if necessary. This is why it’s important, however, to work with experienced consultation professionals who have records of what customizations were made so they can easily revert the changes.