Fourlane develops an app in QuickBooks that allows a direct primary care practice to meet state requirements


For Seattle Medical Associates – a primary care practice that accepts only cash payments – its month-end reporting process wasn’t working anymore.

“We were looking for an easier way to track fees that were paid but not earned yet,” said Kathryn Grant, office manager at Seattle Medical Associates. “The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner requires that we maintain separate accounts for fees that pay for future months.”

With specific state requirements to meet, the medical practice needed an accurate monthly reporting process, with ongoing support for accounting procedures available when the staff has questions.


Fourlane assessed the state insurance commissioner’s requirements to develop a month-end process in QuickBooks Enterprise that would simplify reporting for Seattle Medical Associates. “Fourlane was the only company we found that could give support for our special reporting process and could supply continued support,” said Grant.

Seattle Medical Associates was able to continue its bookkeeping and invoicing in QuickBooks, after the Fourlane team developed a new application to create monthly invoices that support the reporting requirements.

Training and support are part of the package.

“I have learned quite a bit more about QuickBooks, Excel and bookkeeping than I knew before in every encounter,” said Grant.


The new reporting process allows Seattle Medical Associates to more easily track fees that the insurance commissioner requires – something that the staff is quite pleased with.

“I have more confidence that the reports I create are correct,” said Grant. “The invoice creation app is more dependable than the app I was using before.”

Grant is getting the ongoing support she was looking for, and needed, from the Fourlane team.

“I would highly recommend Fourlane for anyone who has complex requirements of QuickBooks in their accounting” -Kathryn Grant, Office Manager at Seattle Medical Associates.

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Seattle Medical Associates

Seattle Medical Associates is a direct primary care doctor’s office. Patients pay a monthly cash fee for care as members of the medical group, and several of the doctors don’t bill insurance at all.




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