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Webinar Recording: New in QuickBooks - Cycle Counts

Intuit has just released a game-changing inventory management feature – cycle counts. Watch a live demo of the feature led by Marjorie Adams and learn how to keep better inventory records with less work and warehouse down-time.


Webinar Recording: All About Acumatica

Feel like you or your clients may be outgrowing QuickBooks? Learn why we’ve decided to partner with Acumatica to support our scaling businesses, and get a demo of some of the key features of the cloud-based software.


Webinar Recording: What’s New In QuickBooks 2019

Intuit releases major upgrades to the QuickBooks Desktop Suite, including improved .IIF import, pick, pack, ship, and more! Watch a live demo led by Marjorie . Adams.


Webinar Recording: What’s New In QuickBooks Financial 2018

It’s that time of year again! Intuit is about to release its 2018 upgrades to QuickBooks and QuickBooks Enterprise. Join Fourlane’s Marjorie Adams as she walks through the new and enhanced features. This is a year you do not want to miss!


Webinar Recording: What’s New In QuickBooks Financial 2017

QuickBooks Desktop’s latest release is available on September 19, 2016. Get a sneak peak at the new Scheduled Reports feature in this recorded webinar. Designed to streamline processes, you’ll be able to set reminders to send reports from QuickBooks to key stakeholders.


Webinar Recording: Tips and Tricks In Excel

Sharpen your skills with our Excel Tips & Tricks webinar. Data manipulation is an essential skill. Whether you need to work with exported accounting data, a list of names or survey results, the ability to use Microsoft Excel to sort, extrapolate and calculate information is powerful. We’ll show you some shortcuts that will make tackling all your Excel tasks quicker and easier.


Webinar Recording: Tips For Month End Close In QuickBooks

Timely and accurate financial statements are essential to the health of any business. Fourlane’s Kat Raskovics discusses tips for simplifying your month-end process using QuickBooks. Businesses fluctuate from month to month, which is why a month-end-close is important to the overall health of the business. The degree of complexity varies based on your company size, type of industry, resources and management commitment.


Webinar Recording: QuickBooks Inventory Cleanup

It’s that time of year again. Time to make sure your inventory records match your actual inventory. Join Fourlane’s knowledgeable service manager Kat Roskovics and Alicia Raesz as they show you tips and shortcuts for QuickBooks inventory clean up.


Webinar Recording: What’s New With QuickBooks Enterprise Reporting

One of the biggest changes in the new QuickBooks Enterprise release is the Advanced Reporting feature, aka QBAR. Fourlane’s Marjorie Adams and Intuit product manager Joseph Lasee will discuss how reporting has changed in the new QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 release – including the ability to design your own reports from scratch, Enhanced searching and filtering with pre-built filters, charts, search boxes and visualizations to quickly call out trends and key insights.