Marjorie Adams

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Marjorie Adams founded Fourlane in 2009 after years working in-house as a Controller for a large manufacturing company and as a consultant at Armanino, a top 25 accounting firm. Marjorie is an innovator and problem solver of epic proportions. Years ago, when she saw a gap in the bookkeeping industry that was slowing down the growth potential for small businesses, she created a path for success. Marjorie’s pursuit to always answer the why questions in a way that maximizes efficiency made her a top QuickBooks expert.

Marjorie is recognized as Intuit’s #1 Partner, a Top 100 Value Added Reseller, and a Top ProAdvisor by Insightly Accountant. She contributes to Forbes regularly and is an Intuit QuickBooks product beta tester. Ahead of the times, Marjorie set up a successful remote work environment that has saved employees from stressful commutes since 2009.

When she is not changing the world with her powerful ideas, you will find Marjorie spending time with her family. She is the queen of play dates and enjoys taking her children on outings that help them explore the world. Marjorie would love to do a summer tour of Europe with her family.

Marjorie’s belief in helping the one to spread to the many is put into action daily. Her genuine concern for the wellbeing of clients, employees, and people in her community is the cornerstone of her success. Discovering new ways of empowering others continues to light up her days.

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