Rob Adams

Co-founder & COO

Rob helped his wife Marjorie Adams start Fourlane from an apartment in Austin in early 2009 after she asked him to help build her first website (Fourlane was called AdamsQB back then). He did and never left the operation and helped play a pivotal role in the growth and brand vision of Fourlane. 

Rob attended West Chester University outside Philadelphia with a concentration on Business Administration. After college, Rob moved to Silicon Valley and began his career as an Executive Recruiter for Hall Kinion & Associates (acquired by KForce). After spending several years as a recruiter, Rob moved into the systems management software industry with a focus on sales & marketing positions at high tech start-ups such as Argent Software, Nimsoft (acquired by CA), Kaseya, and KACE (acquired by Dell). 

His experience in technical sales engineering has helped Fourlane’s strong synergy between the sales and service departments, and generated high-volume product sales of QuickBooks software. Rob oversees the day-to-day and strategic vision of Fourlane’s marketing & technology operations efforts.