Work smarter with Acumatica’s full suite of cloud financial management tools.

Powerful features such as automation and workflows, real-time dashboards, shared cloud access, and complete accounting functionality are all integrated into one system.

Why Choose Acumatica

The Acumatica Financial Management Suite offers the full range of accounting functions you’d expect from accounting software: accounts payable, vendor management, customer management, and invoice creation and processing.

However, it also includes key functionality for the modern business. It can seamlessly handle multi-entity businesses and complex company structure, mutli-currency transactions, and multi-language support.

In addition, it provides tools for reporting, analysis, budgeting, and planning. Real-time dashboards send alerts and reports to your finance team, and the financial management suite integrates seamlessly to the sales portal, field and dispatch management tools, and ERP.

Important Benefits of Acumatica Financial Management Software

Interface with your financial data in real-time with the most flexible and comprehensive financial management software on the market.

Streamline Operations

Make your back office management more efficient. Acumatica offers extensive workflow and reporting automation, meaning you can close your books faster, and with fewer errors.

Manage Multiple Entities

Within the financial management suite you can integrate financials across business entities. Reporting, consolidation, payments, and cash management can all be done on a global, or by-entity level.

Local & Global Support

Acumatica’s cloud-based offering includes multi-currency and multi-language tools, so you can easily expand from Main Street to Malaysia and beyond.

Deferred Revenue Accounting

Easily determine deferred revenue in accordance with pre-established schedules. This revenue is then automatically posted and indicated on your financial statements, giving you deeper insights into the health of your business.

Streamline GL Consolidation

Perform consolidated reporting and analysis by combining data from multiple entities. Acumatica’s system handles complex situations like minority interests, inter-company transfers, and differing currencies with ease.

Take Credit Card Payments

Your customers can pay easily, as Acumatica accepts PCI-compliant credit card payments both manually, and on a set schedule. You’ll catch credit card expirations before they impact your bottom line, and you can connect to your bank processing center using Acumatica’s SDK.

More Options for Statements and Invoices

You choose how you want to deliver invoices to your customers. Acumatica supports PDF and HTML creation, email, and printing of statements and invoices. Customize your invoices with your name, logo, and address, and optimize your billing process so you get paid faster.

Calculate Taxes Automatically

Automatically calculate VAT and use taxes and prepare tax filing reports. Tax zones can be assigned at the vendor level, with defaults that can be manually overridden during invoice creation. Complex tax calculation can include multiple tax items per document line, deduction of tax amount from the price, and tax on tax calculation. Acumatica also supports withholding tax calculations.

Streamline Invoice Approval and Payment

Automate your accounts payable and save dozens of manhours each month. Create a custom approval process to prioritize payments, designate accounts for withdrawal, and select payment methods for each vendor.

Centralized Accounting

Handle your vendor payments, cash management, and invoicing from one centralized location, all while maintaining expense attribution to the initiating entity.

Automate the Billing Process

Automate your recurring billing, payments, and collections to save time and money.

Protect Your Data

Control who has access to your data with detailed permissions by account type. Limit who has edit-access and ensure your financial data remains error free and secure.

Features of Acumatica Financial Management Software




Advanced Financial Reporting

Diagnose the financial health of your business, view detailed daily, monthly, and quarterly reports, and easily export to Excel or PDF files.

Sales Commission Calculation

Automate calculation of your sales commission on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Easily split commissions between team members, and at the per-item level on an invoice.

Flexible Configuration of Financial Periods

Set up custom financial periods that match your business’s fiscal year. Keep periods open for data entry, reconciliation, and reporting. Override auto-assignment of reporting period based on transaction date.

Cash Account Reporting

Out-of-the-box reports will assist with reconciliation of cash account balances, and management of short-term cash reserves, as well as projection and forecasting. Trace uncleared and cleared balances, and clear and add cash related transactions directly from the inquiry screen.

Recurring Transactions

Bill customers at regular intervals with easy-to-use credit card process. Receive alerts of pending card expirations and send automated emails so you never miss a transaction.

Multiple Asset Types

Manage a diverse property portfolio including owned property, leases, rentals, and granted property. Then track which properties are leased or sub-leased to others.

Fixed Asset Reporting

Manage all your fixed assets easily, including acquisitions, disposals, balances, and net values. Run reports on projections and depreciation. Zoom in to view details about each transaction.

Credit Limit Verification

Set credit limits during order entry and invoicing. Set-up options can block invoice processing, issue a warning, or auto-generate messages to past-due accounts. Credit limits can also be manually increased by select users.

Multiple Depreciation Books

Build an unlimited number of depreciation books, or assign tax and reporting fiscal years, without impacting the general ledger.

Flexible Tax Reporting

Each tax reporting requirement can be configured independently, and tax zone details can be retrieved easily. Remain in strict compliance with tax authorities by preparing statistical information and reports.

Automatic Allocation of GL Balances

Use multiple accounts or sub-accounts to distribute GL account balances based on set allocation rules. Create multiple allocation templates.

Multiple Asset Types

Manage a diverse property portfolio including owned property, leases, rentals, and granted property. Then track which properties are leased or sub-leased to others.

Audit Trails

Amend-only audit trail of journal transactions. See information on all modifications of entries, including user and time and date. Notes and additional documents can be attached directly to the transaction.

Reversing and Auto-Reversing Entries

One-click reversal of GL system transactions. Generate reversing entries in the next fiscal period during the post procedure or when the financial period closes.

GL Accounts Budgeting and Approval

Build an unlimited number of budget scenarios – optimistic, pessimistic, expected, etc – and grand permissions for team member input. Budget scenarios can be compared and used for reporting.

1099 Reporting

Gather 1099 information for all vendors. Track your 1099 payments and produce the appropriate 1099 reports. Multiple branches can close tax periods independently.

Reversing and Auto-Reversing Entries

One-click reversal of GL system transactions. Generate reversing entries in the next fiscal period during the post procedure or when the financial period closes.

Drill Down to Original Documents

Immediately view GL balances with robust options for inquiries and reports. Find the original document from any inquiry or report, even if the transaction was created outside the Financial Management Suite.

Centralized Purchasing and Invoicing

Centralize purchasing and invoicing through integrated Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), and Sales Order Management (SO). Purchase items and create sales orders in other companies with appropriate approvals.

Company Bank Accounts

Link bank accounts to individual companies for their exclusive use. Assign cash accounts to specific companies in the Cash Management (CA) module.

Multiple AR Accounts in GL

Assign customers or groups of customers to different AR accounts in the GL, with option to override. Acumatica can track account assignment, and apply offsets, when payment is received.

Acumatica On-the-Go

Acumatica is available in-browser, accessible on any internet-enabled device. This means automatic updates, no IT maintenance budget, and easy insights no matter where you are. Easily create and send invoices, approve time sheets, and view reports, from the convenience of your mobile device.

Employees and contractors can enter time and expenses on any Apple or Android device using the Acumatica Mobile App and attach photos of receipts. Workflows route completed reports for approvals on managers’ mobile device.

Why Work With Fourlane

Fourlane is a Certified Gold Acumatica implementation partner, with over 5,000 growing businesses who have trusted us to help them choose the right software system for their company.

We have an experienced team of ERP experts ready to help make your transition as smooth as possible, whether you’ve outgrown QuickBooks or are looking for a system that can keep up with your growth. In addition to implementation and support assistance, we offer robust consulting services including system design, implementation, reporting, & more.

We are proud to offer Acumatica to our clients for its consumption-based flexible pricing model, and cloud-based ERP system, and so you can securely keep control of your data. We will help you every step of the way; sign up for a consultation to learn more.

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