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Fourlane experts see the big picture – discovering the forest through the trees

Alpha Forest International (AFI) specializes in importing, producing, and sourcing high quality forest products worldwide, with an additional focus on the exportation of logs for engineered wood flooring and manufacturer use in Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China. When rapid growth cast the flaws in their financial workflow into sharp relief, AFI turned to Fourlane for the training they needed to maximize the resources they had, and build an efficient, strategic solution to fit their specific needs.

Balancing books, balancing labor, balancing time

The team at AFI had grown accustomed to using Excel spreadsheets independent of their QuickBooks system for everything from landed costs to taxes to inventory. But the manual input was time consuming, and the numbers didn’t always add up. AFI needed a guide to tie their processes together, reduce manual input, and save time.

Core Requirements:
  • QuickBooks training and integration
  • Systematized charts of account
  • Purchase order creation and tracking
  • First in, first out inventory tracking
  • Landed cost accounting
  • Coordinated sales, purchasing, receiving, and inventory
  • Reduced time spent bookkeeping

Step-by-step discovery, design, implementation, and training

Fourlane understands financial system workflows. As leading industry experts and a top-rated QuickBooks Solution Provider, Fourlane starts with studying their client’s transactions to learn their system needs. Fourlane began work with AFI in 2019, with a file review that uncovered weak spots in inventory processes. Inventory improvements led to an analysis of the sales and purchasing workflow, a sandbox environment for learning and refining developments, and from there a top-to-bottom financial system overhaul, with thorough training to make the most of QuickBooks Enterprise for AFI’s specific needs.

“AFI has very specific inventory needs for their industry, which we solved with a combination of QuickBooks Enterprise capability and custom programming. Our inventory specialists worked with the AFI team to implement enhanced receiving, first in first out, and landed cost inventory to create an accurate costing environment. Creating more confidence in the team and the numbers allowed for a better decision-making process for AFI.” – Cynthia Hemingway, Fourlane

A solution for today that can scale for tomorrow

With Fourlane, AFI got all they were looking for and more.



Better able to track inventory, specify sales lots, and consolidate data, Alpha Forest International has a clear picture of where they are, and where they want to be. With the accessible, decision-quality data now streamlined in their Fourlane QuickBooks solution, those goals are attainable, and the team is operating on the same page. And with the time saved in manual data entry and reconciliation, AFI can plan for further business process development with Fourlane as their partner at hand.

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Alpha Forest International, Inc. (AFI) specializes in importing, producing and sourcing high quality forest products worldwide, with an additional focus on the exportation of logs for engineered wood flooring and manufacturer use.


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