Fourlane introduces a new inventory system at Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul, ushering in a new stage of growth


As companies evolve and enter new stages of growth—often accompanied by the expansion of goods or services—the transition can be tricky. This was true for Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul, which decided to shift its business model after years of operating as a strictly service-based company to become a dealer for a brand of tow trucks.

Kimberly Karnes, co-owner of Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul, struggled with inventory management, and along with the Gerlock team, terms such as cost of goods sold—known more widely as COGS— was a new concept for them. In addition, Gerlock had never worked with QuickBooks to manage inventory in the business.

The Gerlock team reached out to Fourlane for a review of its file system and existing inventory management system. Kimberly characterizes finding Fourlane through a Google search as a “godsend” to Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul.


An intensive review

The work started with an audit of Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul’s file system and a series of visits with Fourlane representatives, identifying needs around inventory management.

A new inventory management system

Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul adopted QuickBooks Enterprise to manage and monitor its fledgling tow truck sales business. Already, Fourlane’s help has saved money and reduced stress for the company.

Training will continue

The company still has work to do around inventory and sales tax and will be seeking help from Fourlane. Kimberly said Gerlock wouldn’t be where it is without Fourlane’s willingness to hold their hands through the training process.


With the help of Fourlane and QuickBooks Enterprise, Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul went from only providing traditional services to also offering products due to their newfound knowledge of inventory management. The company is glad it invested in enlisting the help of experienced professionals to get the administrative end of the business set up and running correctly, with ongoing support from Fourlane.

“It's worth every single penny.” – Kimberly Karnes, co-owner, Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul

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