Fourlane revamps legacy accounting at Guier Fence with QuickBooks Enterprise, saving thousands


Inheriting a legacy accounting system has its advantages because it is already in place—but also has some drawbacks, especially if that system was not properly maintained and updated to help the company meet its compliance needs and make more-informed business decisions. When Raymond Brown became general manager and COO of Guier Fence in 2022, he tried to work with the accounting system, Sage 100, but discovered it was neither user-friendly nor properly documented.

Raymond tried to self-train through Sage videos, but found they did not align with the company’s processes, and as he tried to implement what he learned, realized the company had been doing things the wrong way for years. This resulted in negative inventory-on-hand of $300,000.

With the recent departure of the company’s accountant and a replacement who had no knowledge of Sage, Raymond and the company’s owner knew they had to find a better solution. He reached out to Fourlane to find out what was involved in transitioning to a new system.


A thorough discovery process led to workable solutions

The work was split into phases, and once Raymond signed off on the work, implementation went quickly.

A new inventory and payroll system

Moving to QuickBooks Enterprise simplified the company’s accounts, saved thousands of dollars, and fixed the issue of paying two state taxes.

After training, more fixes were needed

When implantation was complete, Fourlane created a test file that enabled Raymond and his team to play in the sandbox. However, some issues came about that weren’t found until the file went live. Fourlane worked with Guier Fence to resolve the problems.


QuickBooks Enterprise allows Raymond and his team to spend more time working on the business and with customers, as well as devote more time to the sales and installation team to build a legacy for the future. In addition, the employee working in retail can monitor inventory more accurately.

“With Fourlane, we made the right decision to help us get where we needed to go, and felt we were both part of each other’s team. Fourlane figured out a solution that would help us operate more smoothly for the long term” – Raymond Brown, General Manager and COO, Guier Fence

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Guier Fence is a family owned and operated fence contractor company serving residential, agricultural, and commercial/industrial customers with commercial fence systems, ornamental metal fencing, and classic-looking vinyl fencing. For more than 45 years, Guier has had one guiding principle: customer satisfaction.




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