Fourlane provides QuickBooks Enterprise setup, training and day-to-day bookkeeping functions for Harnyss


Fourlane provides manufacturing industry expertise in QuickBooks.

Harnyss was established in 2021 to commercialize the unique, patented hydrogen storage technology owned by the company. This technology allows Harynss to economically and safely store a large volume of hydrogen in a small space. The initial application of its product functions as a component of a 100% renewable, independent, resilient power system called the Harnyss Oasis.


  • Fourlane led the setup and training of the company’s manufacturing, inventory, and costing system in Quickbooks Enterprise.
  • Fourlane handles ongoing, day-to-day bookkeeping functions for the company.
  • Fourlane suggests and implements more efficient methods to accomplish Harnyss’ accounting goals.


The initial setup and training was efficient and right on target. There was significant value provided in each session, and the ongoing support is handled in the same manner.

“Fourlane is a great example of how every business should operate. Every employee I have dealt with is personable without wasting time and money, enthusiastic, efficient, and knowledgeable. You can’t ask for more. Harnyss will continue to use Fourlane for ongoing accounting support and training. We would recommend Fourlane to any company that needs similar help.” –Steve Pike, COO Harnyss

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About Harnyss

Harnyss leverages its next generation hydrogen energy storage to create independent, renewable, compact clean power systems.




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