Fourlane imports & reconciles transactions from HIP’s payment processors and crowdfunding platform saving time


When Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) decided to accept donations from Mexico for their online donation/crowdfunding platform directly to the Mexico nonprofit (HIP-LatinoAmerica A.C.), the changes brought about some requirements, thereby shifting their needs. Under Mexican law, donations must be deposited on a daily basis, rather than the weekly or monthly basis that’s allowed in the United States.

In Mexico, the requirement to record daily deposits from multiple payment processors, such as PayPal and other entities, dramatically increased HIP’s finance staff workload for recording transactions in their financial software – and tracking that activity to specific projects/campaigns from their crowdfunding platform. Because funds raised on the platform are redistributed to the projects that raised the funds, HIP needed a faster and easier way to ensure donations were recorded quickly and accurately.


Fourlane recommended an upgrade from QuickBooks Accountant to QuickBooks Enterprise for the US nonprofit, and assisted with a conversion from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Enterprise for the Mexico nonprofit.

Fourlane’s tool changed the way HIP recorded transactions, moving from batching manual transactions to recording each donation individually by importing the data through Fourlane’s tool. This gave HIP more detailed data that was accessible at their fingertips inside the Fourlane tool, while also automating transaction entries into QuickBooks Enterprise.

Fourlane built out a reconciliation tool for HIP to be able to import donations by crowdfunding project, and depositing them using the tool – something they previously had to create manually.


Because the Fourlane tool imports and reconciles transactions from their payment processors and crowdfunding platform, HIP saved an incredible amount of time. With the click of a button, data is imported into QuickBooks Enterprise for entry and deposit.

“The Fourlane team was knowledgeable, understood our financial needs and communicated the technical side very clearly. I’m so grateful we found Fourlane to build our custom tools and be true thought partners through the whole process. We are so happy to work with Fourlane, and I would absolutely recommend them and use them again if a future build is needed.” – Catt Olazabal, Hispanics in Philanthropy

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