Fourlane converts Intacct to QuickBooks Online to enable turnkey reports and remote access for its finance team


After two years of using Intacct for its accounting software, Keep America Beautiful still couldn’t get the turnkey reports it needed. With frustrations and costs for Intacct on the rise, the finance team decided to convert from Intacct to QuickBooks.

“We wanted a solution that bookkeepers and accountants could come up to speed on without too much effort, so that they could focus on the job and not the technology,” said Jessica Wassenaar, chief of staff at Keep America Beautiful.


Fourlane converted Keep America Beautiful from Intacct to QuickBooks Online. One of the biggest advantages for the nonprofit is that QuickBooks Online is cloud-based, allowing their newly remote team to access the books wherever they’re working.

Fourlane completed the conversion and system setup in the six-week timeline the nonprofit needed, aligning with the beginning of its second quarter.

Fourlane set up the reports Keep America Beautiful needed, so that they were ready to go when the conversion was complete.

Development and Delivery

Fourlane’s thorough QuickBooks data conversion process was so detailed that it prepared the finance team for its upcoming audit.

“The implementation, and Fourlane’s extra care in ensuring that the books’ integrity was not lost, made the finance team aware of issues that had not been apparent in the old system,” said Wassenaar. “In fact, by the time it came to do our audit on the 2019 books, we were well-prepared to address the majority of the questions asked. This is only because of the work of Fourlane.”

The nonprofit’s conversion to QuickBooks Online gave the finance team the flexibility it needed for remote work, access to turnkey reports and continued visibility into the books during an efficient conversion.

“Fourlane’s respect for their clients is clear from how they schedule their consultants’ time to being willing to bring in various in-house experts to make sure you are getting the right solution,” Wassenaar said. “I have been most impressed with Fourlane’s integrity and commitment to quality work.”

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