Fourlane creates customized reports to accurately present data to its team to support Port City Architectural's KPIs


Fourlane helps businesses streamline processes and visualize data.

Streamlining manufacturing processes is not only extremely important to be productive, but enables a company to fulfill more orders, meet increasing demands, and reach its goals.

Fourlane helped Port City Architectural create customized QuickBooks reports and supporting Excel files to accurately report data to its team to support the company’s key performance indicators. Previously, the company was strapped with manual processes; now, these tasks only take a few minutes.


  • Fourlane upgraded Port City Architectural to QuickBooks Enterprise to meet increasing, robust demands that could be better managed with Enterprise
  • Fourlane created customized reports and supporting Excel files to accurately report data to its team to support the company’s KPIs.
  • Manual processes were automated and created a way to track orders on the shop floor.


With Fourlane assistance, Port City Architectural upgraded its version of QuickBooks to the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, added multiple users, and configured the forms and reports so that the team could track projects in its backlog and update them from new stations strategically positioned throughout its manufacturing plant.

Transparency for all

“Now we have real time visibility on what projects are due first and are able to update customers of any delays ahead of time,” said Tim Mills, president and owner.

By installing new work stations with QuickBooks installed, Tim said the company has total transparency with its workflow.

“We had no visibility for our administration to track where an order was on the shop floor,” he said. “The entire process was a learning experience that helped us in the long term. At the end of our project, we were able to configure our balance sheets and P&L to consolidate a lot of information, as well as clean up our chart of accounts.

“The people we worked with on the project were the best part, specifically Jacqueline Dinwiddie. She was always helpful, super knowledgeable, and just a friendly, nice person to work with. There were other members of the team as well, all of which were helpful and experts in their respective areas. Fourlane is a well-run company, always on time for meetings, and always great at following up. Even after our project was complete, I would get follow ups to make sure things were functioning properly.” –Tim Mills, president and owner

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About Port City Architectural

Port City Architectural creates cast bronze and aluminum signage for a wide range of clients. Other brands include Signature Streetscapes and Major Markers.




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