QuickBooks eCommerce Payments

Easily integrate QuickBooks with WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or other web stores to accept credit cards for your products.

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1. Choose a Vendor

Pick a web store service from our recommended ecommerce vendors. Popular web stores include Shopify and Bigcommerce.

2. Connect Your Account

Your ecommerce software vendor will provide instructions for linking your online web store to your QuickBooks account.

3. Start Accepting Credit Cards

Your customers can now pay for goods and services directly from your web store. The payment is processed, tracked, and deposited to your bank account for you.

Pay as you go, pay monthly, and high volume pricing plans

QuickBooks Payments for eCommerce Pay As You Go Pay Monthly
Monthly fee $0 $20
Swiped qualified rate 2.4% 1.6%
Keyed qualified rate 3.5% 3.3%
Transaction Fee 30¢ 30¢

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Make a sale and QuickBooks will make it easy to get paid.

Security and fraud prevention

  • Powerful, integrated secure 128-bit SSL encryption, plus card security fraud prevention.


  • When you make a sale, QuickBooks processes the payment, records the transaction, calculates sales tax, creates a sales receipt – and more, all automatically.

Simple setup

  • Easily connect your QuickBooks account to any compatible web store, and the rest is a snap.

Get custom logos

  • Display credit card logos on your web store to help increase your sales by letting customers know you accept credit card payments.

Compatible Ecommerce Stores