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19 FAQ to See Which Is Better for Your Organization: Sage vs QuickBooks

If your company needs accounting software, consider the options and decide which works best for you. Sage and QuickBooks are two such options that deserve your consideration. We’ll answer frequently asked questions to help you understand Sage vs. QuickBooks and which is your best bet to get the job done.

1. Is Sage Better than QuickBooks?

Product choice depends on the size and needs of your business. QuickBooks works best for small- to medium-sized companies, especially those requiring more advanced features. Sage may be better suited for companies needing unlimited users and transactions.

2. What Is the Main Difference Between Sage and QuickBooks?

The main difference between the two products is that QuickBooks is an accounting software system, and Sage is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. This distinction means that QuickBooks focuses on accounting and payroll services, while Sage can branch into more project management areas. 

Additionally, QuickBooks limits the number of account users, while Sage has unlimited user access.

3. Which Software Is More Suitable for Small Businesses: Sage or QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is the best option for small businesses because it’s a single system with a rich feature set tailored to help smaller groups or even startups.

4. What Business Types Typically Prefer Sage Over QuickBooks?

Large companies often prefer Sage over Quickbooks because of its unlimited user account access. Sage works well for companies with large financial teams whose members all need access.

5. Can I Switch from Sage to QuickBooks Without Losing Data?

Yes. With Fourlane’s data conversion services you can make the switch without losing data. Your dedicated conversion specialist will help you transfer all data so none of your records or information slips through the cracks.

6. Can I Customize the Reports and Features in Both Sage and QuickBooks?

Yes. QuickBooks and Sage allow you to customize your reports so you know where to focus your efforts.

7. Which Software Offers Better Integration Capabilities With Other Business Tools?

QuickBooks has effective integration capabilities with third-party applications like e-commerce platforms or CRMs. This feature helps make data exchange between your existing systems more efficient and helpful. 

Sage isn’t as beneficial regarding integration capabilities.

8. Does QuickBooks Offer Better Automation Features Compared to Sage?

You’ll find that Sage and Quickbooks both work well to automate your accounting processes. Both products help save you time and money, reducing human error that often occurs when you perform accounting tasks by hand.

9. How Does Sage Pricing Compare to QuickBooks?

Sage plans can start as little as $10 a month, while QuickBooks plans start at $30. 

10. Are There Hidden Costs Associated with Sage or QuickBooks?

Sage emphasizes their “No hidden fees” as a big selling point.

Though we wouldn’t consider it hidden, QuickBooks does take a very small percentage of each transaction amount. The dollar amount may add up if your company frequently processes large transactions.

11. Is QuickBooks Easier to Use than Sage for Non-Accounting Professionals?

Both Sage and QuickBooks provide entry-level accounting software, so those with basic skills can successfully run their businesses. However, QuickBooks is generally considered more user-friendly.

12. What Are the Mobile App Options for Sage and QuickBooks?

Both companies have mobile apps allowing you to control and see the various aspects of your business from your phone. 

13. Does QuickBooks Offer Better Customer Support than Sage?

While Sage is often known to have quicker customer support services, QuickBooks offers free access to training, webinars, and tutorials so users can resolve issues.

14. Which Software Provides Better Security for Financial Data: Sage or QuickBooks?

While both systems offer high levels of security, QuickBooks’ encryption and authentication technologies have been tested and proven effective in fully protecting the private financial information of every customer.

15. Are There Industry-Specific Versions of Sage or QuickBooks?

Sage will customize your program to fit your industry-specific needs effectively. QuickBooks has industry-specific editions of their program so everyone can get the exact system they need.

16. How Do Sage and QuickBooks Handle Payroll Management Differently?

Sage uses automated payroll processes and real-time data and reports to manage payroll. It integrates with other systems to simplify the payment process.

QuickBooks uses automated payroll processes, automatic taxes and forms, time tracking, direct deposit, and tax penalty protection to make payroll as easy as possible for its users.

17. Which Software Is More Suitable for Multinational Companies: Sage or QuickBooks?

Sage has international accounting capabilities with offices worldwide. 

QuickBooks also has global capabilities, though most of its users are in the United States.

18. How Do Sage and QuickBooks Handle Inventory Management?

Sage Inventory Management features include real-time reports, tracking, forecasting, and integration with other systems. 

With QuickBooks, only their Online Plus and QuickBooks Online Advanced plans allow you to track inventory in real-time, receive notifications, and access reports on demand.

19. Can I Use Sage and QuickBooks Simultaneously for Different Business Aspects?

Yes. You can use both simultaneously since both systems offer slightly different services. Sage can handle the project management side of your operations, while QuickBooks can help you with accounting and payroll.

Which Do We Recommend?

All things considered, QuickBooks is the way to go. QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software in the United States, so it can help your business hit the ground running and meet all your accounting needs.

Fourlane has QuickBooks and ERP experts who can help you solve any QuickBooks challenge and get your payroll services functioning correctly. We tailor our services and products to help you experience seamless financial processes. 

Take the quiz to discover which QuickBooks version is best for you and your business needs!

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