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27 Steps to Mr. Clean!

Remember the Mr. Clean commercial? I was in awe how one man in his white T-Shirt could clean an entire house with very little effort.

At Fourlane, we have the same goal: to help our clients manage their business with very little effort. That’s why we developed a 65-step QuickBooks file review process.

One of our clients, Maria, works for a mid-sized manufacturing company and was frustrated with QuickBooks – so frustrated that she was ready to change software. The software was slow, crashed frequently and the chart of accounts just didn’t look right.

We talked her into waiting until we could do a file review and find the problem. Kat, our services manager, stepped in.

We ran through our 27-step file review process and found a variety of issues that explained Maria’s frustration: data corruption was slowing things down, creating incorrect entries and un-reconciled accounts. Maria’s company also had more than seven years of data in the system, which was slowing things down as well. We gave her a report of the errors, and once she asked us to fix the problems, we cleaned up QuickBooks … now her house is gleaming and shiny.

At the end of the process, we gave Maria a written report on what was going on with her files. She then asked us to fix the problems.

Today, Maria’s files run well and she is content using QuickBooks. The Mr. Clean approach worked for her and also works well for many of our clients. Contact us today if you need help cleaning up your files.

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