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3 Great Features in QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES) has some really great features, but if you aren’t using them, then you’re short-changing yourself and your efficiency. Many of the problems our customers encounter occur because they don’t know a feature is available. To help, here are a few of our favorites:

Direct Invoices. You can send customers or clients an invoice directly from QBES 2016. All your client has to do is click a link to pay you online. Not only do you save time and expense, but you also get paid right away. As a QBES customer, you should also get preferred credit card processing rates from Intuit.

Custom Fields. In all QuickBooks Desktop financial products, you can create custom fields that resemble a text box. However, in QBES, you can go one step further to create a custom field with a multiple-choice list. A perfect example is to add a Requester field to a purchase order. Making the options standard will help make sure your team does not accidentally misspell the name of the employee requesting a purchase.

Lot numbers in Advanced Inventory. Lot numbers allow you to track specific lots of inventory as you receive, build and sell. QuickBooks allows you to assign lot numbers during your workflow so that you can quickly run a report by lot number to see if it has already been used in manufacturing a product, or which customers have purchased that item.

Contact us today if you need help learning these features, or any others. You can also check out our online training videos.

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