Advantages of Field Service Software

I was chatting with my air conditioning repairman the other day … while sweating away in the Austin heat. The firm I called does not use field service software and technology like the kind Intuit provides for businesses creating work orders, or using dispatch teams for installation or service. This includes companies working in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); plumbing; electrical; and garage door repair, just to name a few.

I explained to him that the days of using whiteboards to schedule service calls are a thing of the past. The days of servicemen and women carrying clipboards to complete their paperwork are over.

“Really? That’s possible?, “ the tech asked. “What are the advantages?”

Here’s what I told him:

  1. Greater Productivity. Field service tools improve efficiency and productivity. The system automatically schedules, routes and dispatches technicians, saving time for all involved.
  2. Accounting Automation. Double entry is a drag. Instead, most field service management software integrates with your accounting software, so that when the technician creates an invoice, it is automatically created in the accounting software as well.
  3. Get Paid Faster. Who wouldn’t want to get paid faster? Most field service software allows the technician to quote, invoice and accept credit card payments in real-time, allowing you to get paid right away for the work your company does.
  4. Improved Customer Service. The biggest customer complaint HVAC and other service companies face is the response window. Customers have to wait at home for the technician, and many companies don’t even call to let customers know they are next in line. With field management service software, customers receive quicker response and notification when the technician is on the way.

I know moving from a manual system to something electronic is scary, but the positives far outweigh the fear. You’ll be more efficient, productive and save money.

If you would like more information about how Field Service Management software can help your business, please contact us.

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