What Benefits Can Quickbooks Payment Process Bring You

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Not all customers take full advantage of all that QuickBooks offers. QuickBooks payment process has many benefits for small to mid-size businesses. At Fourlane, we’ve gone out of our way to research ways to make sure that our customers have the best experience. We offer a very descriptive explanation on every single item or service we provide. This list includes every benefit of using the payment process. The benefits include many things that will help our customers and their consumers.

Pick the Plan That Works Best

First of all, customers can pick the plan that works best for them. They are not required to sign onto a contract to add this to their program. Best of all, they can cancel at any time. There are two options that customers can choose, which includes only paying when accepting payments with their pay-as-you-go plan. This plan has no obligations and no monthly fees. The other option involves opting for a plan that has a small monthly fee. This plan is for those with more processing needs. By choosing the second option, they receive exceptionally competitive low rates. Moreover, for QuickBooks Enterprise customers, the is often as low as 1.50%. Customers who use QuickBooks Online, Premier, and Pro often receive a low rate of 1.75%. Both rates are exceptionally low and very hard to beat. Low rates are another way the costumers can find savings.

Let the Program Worry About the Hassel of Invoices

Choosing this add-on will benefit customers by allowing them to have more time to focus on their business. The programs themselves are generally a convenience for any thriving business owner. The program will automatically make all financial accounts consistent. It will automatically update invoices and the customer’s books. QuickBooks also allows the customer to generate how they would like to send their invoices. They can choose to send them on a regular as a bundle or one at a time. The program will collect all of the invoices into one place, so it will be easier to look over and see any problems. If the customer has the same work every month, it will save this information and create reoccurring payments. Doing all these things will allow the customer to get paid twice as fast as well as saving them a ton of time.

Provides Payment Options

It will benefit the consumers of the QuickBooks customers, also the business owner. When purchasing an item, there are many choices on payment for the transaction. QuickBooks payment process gives two choices. The first option is a bank transfer only, and the second option is allowing the purchaser to choose between the bank transfer or paying by credit card. If payment is made by check, QuickBooks payment can even process the payment within two to three days. Again, offering these options will benefit the business owner and their customers immensely.

Finish a Transaction from Anywhere

The business customers can make a payment via mobile device or online. Of course, if it is an easier process than it will become a more frequent site. Is that not what drives any business? There is an extra option of emailing invoices with a payment link attached. Using this will also allow purchases from anywhere and anytime. QuickBooks payments process accepts all major credit cards like MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Visa payments.

Make Them Feel Safe About the Purchase

Buying anything online always can be a bit intimidating because of the many cases of identity theft and fraud. It is essential to make the customers feel safe and secure when purchasing through email or online. This feeling occurs by protecting QuickBooks payments on both sides of the transaction with banking-level security. With the no contract, no commitment the QuickBooks payment process a business can try it risk-free.

So Much Support You Will Never Have a Problem

Learning a new program can cause some issues for the customer. In the QuickBooks programs, there is a lot to learn. When choosing to purchase through Fourlane, you have access to a lot of support. We have live phone support that provides real experts that can honestly fix any issues and educate to avoid less confusion in the future. Our company provides a vast amount of video tutorials to get the customer through every single step. These video tutorials are available to the public. There are many benefits to purchasing QuickBooks payment process through Fourlane. We have created entire courses to help our costumers get to know new programs or updates. Once our customers have completed all the lessons in a course, they will receive a certificate as well. At Fourlane, we put our customers first, which is why they have made and provided all the amazing support.

There are many more benefits that QuickBooks payment process brings your business. The process is an amazing one with many updated programs included. When you purchase through Fourlane, it is a no-brainer that you will never have to worry about not understanding anything. Adding the no commitment, no contract, the risk-free process will only benefit your business.


About Marjorie Adams

Our head QuickBooks trainer and guru, Marjorie Adams, is Founder and CEO of Fourlane, Inc., an award-winning consulting firm and Intuit’s #1 QuickBooks Reseller Partner. Fourlane’s team of experts offers several QuickBooks oriented services including consulting, training, programming, integration, and more. Over the years, Fourlane has helped over 10,000 customers across many different industries with their QuickBooks accounting software. Marjorie Adams is considered one of the top QuickBooks trainers in the country. She was listed on CPA Practice Advisor’s 40 Under 40 in 2014 & 2015, and has been recognized as Intuitive Accountant’s 2015 QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor of the Year. Marjorie sits on Intuit’s VIP Program, is a frequent contributor to Inuit Accountants News Central, and has developed Intuit’s QuickBooks Enterprise Certification training. She has also been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek, American Express Open, the Huffington Post, and Inc. Magazine.

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