The Best Way to Learn QuickBooks

QuickBooks is so popular in today’s business world that many different online academies, business courses, and tutors have tried to cash in on its success. They each offer different training methods, promising that they are the best way to learn QuickBooks quickly and efficiently. In truth, however, very few of them meet our criteria.

Certified Teachers

One of the most important parts of finding a great QuickBooks training program is to confirm that both the course and the instructors are QuickBooks certified. If they are, they should mention it front and center in the course’s main description. QuickBooks certification allows you to choose the course that meets the rest of your requirements, so you have a better range of options and aren’t limited to the official course.

If you want to learn QuickBooks from QuickBooks itself, you can, but you should know that you’re probably not getting the best deal. While certified teachers outside of QuickBooks have undergone official training, so they know the program’s most advanced features and short cuts, they also have practical experience to offer students. Teachers and support representatives you encounter through official QuickBooks sources only have the official training, and their job is to ultimately boost sales rather than help you make the most of the product you already have.


Chances are, you won’t always have the time or inclination to study. Many QuickBooks courses follow a set schedule. Even a number of online courses come with these restrictions. You may have to meet through a group call, meet specific deadlines, or simply work at a predetermined pace. If you are a busy professional, chances are you don’t have time for this kind of schedule. If you did, you’d probably take advantage of local business development and training courses. Such programs simply move the classroom online rather than taking advantage of the Internet to develop new systems of learning. They aren’t the best way to learn QuickBooks.

Still, there are better options online, and they have many advantages over traditional coursework. When you examine programs, consider what you pay for and how you pay for it. The best new programs take advantage of SAAS (Software As A Service) to essentially provide coursework instead of software. You pay monthly or yearly fees for access to courses, support, and other features. Then you work at your own pace. It’s important to begin such programs during a lull in business or the off-season, of course. Otherwise, you may pay the fee and never have time to access the materials you paid for. That, however, is true of any kind of professional training.

By granting you unlimited access, this type of program allows you to really set your own pace. You can study quickly, reviewing multiple lessons and testing yourself every day. You can also move slowly, taking the time to ingest and practice what you’ve learned to ensure you fully understand it before moving on. There’s nothing wrong with either approach or the learning styles in between. The program you choose to learn QuickBooks through shouldn’t punish you for any of them.

Guided Courses with Support

The best QuickBooks training courses provide more than a series of pre-made lessons and tests. Although these provide the background of any type of course, they need to be augmented by human support. Some courses may assign you to a teacher who answers all your questions and helps you understand complex issues. Others will use a pool of trained professionals who answer all inbound questions and concerns. Either approach is perfectly valid.

The point is that the best way to learn QuickBooks is to combine a well thought out, guided course with interactive, human support. This may sound simple, but many companies who advertise QuickBooks courses really just sell you an interactive, online book. Many have no further resources for students at all. In order to get the most out of your training, you need access to QuickBooks authorities.

Certification Options

Even if you don’t plan on using QuickBooks to help someone else’s business as a bookkeeper or accountant, it’s important to have a record of your accomplishments. It’s also important to prove that you’re qualified for handling your own books. Not all QuickBooks programs come with certification options. These typically appear as additional tests. They’re a valuable resource, and it’s important to end your training with certification. If you’re going to learn QuickBooks, you deserve to have your efforts recognized and validated.

This list of criteria should help you choose the best way to learn QuickBooks when you’re faced with too many options. First, look for teachers and programs with official QuickBooks credentials. Then consider how accessible it is, and if the course allows you to study when and where you want at your own pace. The only courses that will offer this option are online, and they probably involve a time-based, rather than course-based pay scale. Consider what will happen if you have a question, and look into support options. Last, but not least, make sure you can get certified.


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