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Benefits of Using Fourlane’s QuickBooks Data Conversion Services

Accounting systems often hold most or all of the core information about your business, customers, inventory, or financial health, so it can be intimidating to even think about making a major change. What if data is lost or corrupted or imports incorrectly? When it comes to dealing with data, it is much safer to work with a professional. Our Fourlane team has performed thousands of QuickBooks Data Conversions, making us the most trusted source for moving your important accounting data to QuickBooks. Whether you are currently using a legacy Quickbooks system, or another accounting software like NetSuite or PeachTree, we feel confident we can safely migrate your data and help you build a Quickbooks-based accounting system that drives your business.

What is Data Conversion?

Data conversion is taking all of your historical data from one source, typically a software program but sometimes a piece of hardware, and placing it somewhere else. In this case, the “somewhere else” is a new, properly formatted QuickBooks instance. Data conversion is (unfortunately), not as simple as clicking a “migrate” button. Fields and databases in different accounting systems are not 1-to-1.  Every application and operation works differently, and it can be an extremely challenging change. In every case our goal is not simply to transition you to QuickBooks, but to review your entire accounting process and streamline where possible, so that when you begin using the new system your data is clean and everything is easier and less time consuming. We do our data conversions in five (5) phases to create ideal conversions for you and your business.

Phase One: Discovery

During Phase 1 we decide which QuickBooks products you will need for your specific business. Many times clients will choose a less robust QuickBooks product (like Pro), import their data, and then realize it doesn’t meet any of their needs. So our goal is to figure out exactly what your accounting system needs to do, and make an informed decision about what products can do that.

We work with all levels of QuickBooks Desktop products. Needs like advanced inventory, point of sale, forecasting, are going to impact which product we choose. QuickBooks Enterprise is available in three editions: silver, gold, and platinum. The basic edition, silver, includes advanced reporting, industry editions, U.S.-based support, online backup, upgrades, 60-day guarantee, online training, QuickBooks priority circle, full-service plan, and optional hosting. This entire software has all the necessities for most businesses. The next level higher, gold, has everything silver includes and enhanced payroll. The best edition is platinum, which has everything silver and gold does, but also includes advanced inventory and advance pricing.We also work with many third party add-on products that increase functionality. We also have a QuickBooks Developer on staff who can work with the Quickbooks API to build custom functionality if we determine there is no plugin that meets your needs.

Phase Two: Data Conversion

As we mentioned earlier, the key to QuickBooks success is building a repeatable process or workflow, and then customizing your QuickBooks instance around it. We also don’t want to bring over unnecessary data that isn’t relevant, so a member of our Services team will review your entire system and determine what stays, and what goes. We get a template file set up where we match all of your existing data fields.  Then we pull data from all your old systems and upload it to your new system. This list includes data such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and any other documents needed to convert. Everything will convert over safely under the guidance of our trained staff, and will be reformatted to ensure all data, past and future, can be accessible and ready to use.

Phase Three: Training

Switching to a new system causes a lot of confusion, which is why in Phase 3 we train you and your team. Training will be live in-person or by an online seminar. The training uses QuickBooks best practices but is 100% custom to your business and QuickBooks instance. No other business will get this training. Our company is known for excellent training and we have more than 200 top-of-the-notch training videos to prove that. Your team will leave the live training with proficient knowledge of your new systems. Our team will remain available post-training to answer any follow up questions.

Phase Four: Close The Old System

At some point you will want to fully close the old system. But first we do a thorough double-check to ensure all data has been converted. Sometimes a table or list that you thought you wouldn’t need actually does need to come over, so we review the old system one last time. We don’t recommend keeping both systems, since there may be confusion with adding new data to the wrong system. Multiple systems also increases vulnerability to a hack, especially if one system is using outdated software and rarely looked at.

Phase Five: Follow Up

We will contact you about a month after you have transitioned to your new QuickBooks system. We will be doing a follow-up and fixing any issues or concerns that may have occurred since the transition. We strongly suggest that we do a follow-up and any needed maintenance every month or quarter. Doing this will make sure that your system is working to its best ability and that you are able to take full advantage of all the QuickBooks features.

Why Convert With Fourlane?

Fourlane can pull data from about every different software program – NetSuite, Sage, Peachtree are all programs we have years of experience with. We can also safely convert data from Microsoft, storage, history and move it safely into QuickBooks. If you are ready for a new system, call Fourlane at 1-800-931-2120. You can also fill out some quick information on our website and we will contact you with custom recommendations. We can help create a successful business for you.

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