Converting to QuickBooks: Why We Recommend Training

Training can mean the difference between successful adoption of new software or processes and one that falls flat. You’ve invested the time and money into converting your software; you also need to invest the time and money to see that it is used optimally.

Training is also linked to employee performance and retention. In addition, departmental performance through improved productivity, increased efficiencies and automation are frequently seen when companies invest in training.

Fourlane offers a variety of free training resources on our website, and more than 250 videos on QuickBooks! We also offer custom training to get your staff up to date on what it needs to do with QuickBooks.

The benefits of custom training include:

  • Time savings; our staff’s expertise in QuickBooks will help improve your staff’s productivity
  • Increased accuracy
  • Better processes

With each QuickBooks conversion, we set up the file according to your initial needs and to meet your workflow. Training, however, shouldn’t be overlooked – it’s very important!

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