Matam Jaswanth

Do You Need an App for That?

We’ve recently changed our approach to helping clients with QuickBooks apps. In the past, we had a web page that listed the apps Fourlane likes and frequently recommends. However, we discovered this did not work. Clients would look at the list, see an app that seemed like a good idea and buy it. The problem? Sometimes they did not need the app at all.

We took the webpage down and now we’re instituting a new consulting process to help client’s get what they need. The first phase is answering the question: Can QuickBooks solve this problem?

You’re probably saying: of course not. If QuickBooks could do it, I wouldn’t need an app.

Fourlane’s foundation was built on QuickBooks expertise. Sometimes that means finding unique workarounds in QuickBooks, teaching our clients a new way to use QuickBooks or a need for a third-party app.

Let me give you an example of using QuickBooks to solve a problem. Last week, we were working with a taxi company that needed to track expenses by each vehicle. They had set up the vehicles in QuickBooks as “assets,” which is correct for tax purposes, but doesn’t help them in managing their books. We suggested they set up each car as a “customer” in order to track expenses by vehicle and run reports tied to each of those vehicles.

Problem solved. If you have a problem and you’re not sure whether QuickBooks can solve, we’re happy to help! Contact us today via email or call 800-931-2120.

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