Why don’t I have a purchase order button on my home page in QuickBooks Enterprise?

Purchase orders are integral to organizing and formalizing company purchases in QuickBooks Enterprise. You use a purchase order to separate the duties between purchasing and receiving. Use a purchase order to track what has been ordered already so you don’t duplicate efforts. Those who are old-school QuickBooks users, still go to Vendors > Create Purchase Order in the drop-down menu.

Since purchase orders comprise such a large part of daily company activity, many of our clients want a button on their home page in QuickBooks that speeds up the process of creating purchase orders. If a client is missing this button, we advise them to follow this QuickBooks quick tip which will enables users to put a purchase order button on their home page. First, you must be in single user mode to make this company wide change. You can get this button by choosing the Edit drop down from the menu bar, then Preferences. From this tab, select Desktop > Company Preferences. Select Purchase Orders – this will take you to the Items and Inventory tab and you can turn on inventory and purchase orders. This will create the desired shortcut for creating a purchase order within QuickBooks Enterprise. This will also turn on the access to create inventory items. You do not have to use inventory items if you don’t want, other item types can be used on PO’s.

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