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Everything an IT Firm Should Know about QuickBooks Payments

QuickBooks Payments makes processing payments quick and easy. The payment management software was designed for online businesses and vendors. Payments provides a state-of-the-art set of features and has a physical point of sale (POS) option in case you need one. Here are some things you need to know about QuickBooks Payments that will improve the payment processes of your online IT business.


QuickBooks Payments is an online payment gateway for IT and other businesses that lets you accept payments on the web or a mobile device and by sending electronic invoices. There’s an option for accepting ACH bank transfers, and when you combine Payments with QuickBooks accounting software, your transactions will be immediately synced.

You can also manage offline purchases to your IT business. The software records each credit card transaction and saves the data, so you void charges and view, send, and resend invoices, emails, and receipts. Plus, there’s no subscriptions demanding continuous fees. You can either pay as you go or get a premium account for a low monthly fee.


One of the best services is point-of-sales (POS) processing solutions. You can accept credit card transactions on any mobile device or desktop system. You can also manage sales and track all your IT company’s sales, inventory, and customers. This software lets you view every transaction on your mobile device or by logging into the QuickBooks’s website on a PC.

Accepting payments on the go is made easy with the QuickBooks Payments support service that offers a mobile option. You can swipe or key credit cards using card readers and an app on iPhone and Android mobile devices. Some devices process transactions by taking a photo of the customer’s credit card. Receipts can be sent to customers via email or text once transactions are finished.



QuickBooks Payments provides your IT firm with an e-commerce processing feature that lets you accept payments online. The service is compatible with numerous web stores and vendors, including online IT firms. If you have a physical store, you can have customers pay through a pay now link. This e-invoicing feature is free and allows customers to make online payments right away. You will be notified once a customer opens the invoice and makes a payment.  Major credit cards and ACH bank transfers and payments are accepted and will get deposited into your IT business account in just a few days.

QuickBooks Payments offers two choices for POS systems. The POS system powered by Revel allows you to accept payments on your iPhone, even during a power outage. The other POS system lets you accept payments on your desktop PC. This software provides a 128-bit SSL encryption tool that saves your IT firm’s sensitive data, such as cardholder information. Plus, QuickBooks Payments accepts all major credit cards, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, and each payment method syncs effortlessly with the software.

Invoice reconciliation is often the most time-consuming task for businesses. QuickBooks Payments software lets you keep better track of all business invoices. You can have invoices sent to customers automatically. Invoices are stored in one place and automatically updated, making keeping track of past transactions a breeze.

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