Miquel A Amutio

Fourlane Helps You Plan the Future

Our QuickBooks post-file review helps you “plan the future.”

Recently, one of our services team, Alisha conducted a post-file review call with a new retail client who contacted us for help. Their QuickBooks file became, in the their own word, “quirky.”

We performed our 65-step QuickBooks file review, using data from a three-month period. After the review, we shared recommendations that would really improve the client’s back office operations.

For example, a recent client was having corruption issues when it integrated another software with QuickBooks. We repaired the corruption and came up with a variety of recommendations for the company, including reconciling the balance sheet, cleaning up Accounts Receivable and reviewing sales tax data.

When we held the post-review meeting, we spent time helping the client prioritize its problems. This enabled us to identify project in phases and divvy up the work. There are some things the client can easily take on … and some things that make sense to outsource to us. We also created a plan for the future. In their case, we recommended implanting a new process to avoid manual data entry.

Our goal is to help you build the road to what’s next; we are here to devote the time to do that. Contact us today if you need help.

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