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How a virtual CFO can help you

As a business grows, it frequently reaches the point where financial advice is needed from a professional. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring a full-time CFO (chief financial officer) or controller may not currently be justified. What to do? One solution is to outsource CFO services.

What is a CFO? As just referenced, the letters stand for “chief financial officer”. This person is responsible for a company’s financial actions management and is likely a senior officer. Duties can include the following:

  • Identify and analyze the financial weakness and strength of a company
  • Propose corrective actions
  • Track financial plans
  • Track cash flow

Fourlane offers expert CFO services tailored to your industry and business. We’ve implemented QuickBooks spanning several industries, with thousands of businesses, so that you can access valuable financial insight and oversight. Now, with our virtual CFO, you can have financial expertise at your fingertips.

Outsourcing CFO services with Fourlane

Fourlane outsourced CFO services include:

  • Someone to handle cash management, treasury, and other time-consuming duties.
  • Increased profits and reduced employee theft within your business, a professional will establish strong financial controls.
  • Expansions, equipment purchases, and analysis.
  • Custom-designed collection procedures and policies.
  • With the timeliness of financial information and improved quality, in-depth financial reporting, and analysis.
  • Improvement of your financial modeling and forecasting.
  • Software implementation and selection.
  • Accounting procedure development, management, and training of your account staff.
  • Profitability analysis, cost and review benefits analysis.
  • Assistance with negotiations, help in obtaining financing from banks.
  • Liaison with insurance agents, vendors, attorneys, bankers, etc.

Additional ways Fourlane can assist your business

Team accountability

You no longer have to be the bad guy when an outsourced CFO discusses shortcomings and manages goal setting in operations and sales!

Experienced, expert advice

To help make sound strategic business decisions, you want an expert in your corner. This can include spending reduction, equipment upgrades, hiring, and more.

Financial relationships management

The best rates can ultimately be negotiated by outsourced CFOs. Save time by offloading your meetings with attorneys, insurance agents, banks, and other vendors.

Planning that is future-focused

We offer assistance with long-term and short-term goal setting, planning, meeting those goals, and removing barriers.

Implement Best Practices

To your team, you can bring years of best practices where financial reporting and accounting is concerned. Look at your business from a “what the best businesses do” frame of mind rather than “what we’ve been doing”.

Make everything easier

We can help your entire team work more efficiently because we specialize in process creation and training.

Your Virtual CFO

Fourlane has over a decade of experience in accounting and financials therefore our team of accounting professionals can be the solution to your CFO needs. Most importantly, you will have a dedicated point person to regularly dive into the depths of your business’s numbers. We serve all types of businesses including both nonprofit and private organizations.

Founder and CEO Marjorie Adams is one of the best Advanced QuickBooks Pro Advisors in the country the developer of Intuit’s QuickBooks Enterprise certification and training has won Insightful Accountant’s QuickBooks Pro Advisor of The Year award. In fact, Ms. Adams provides core training for our own consultants.

Learn more about our virtual CFO services.

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