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How QuickBooks Can Drive Growth For Your Business

Since its launch in 1998, QuickBooks has been helping small to medium-sized businesses with their accounting needs. It is a software that can greatly increase the operational efficiencies of these firms by helping business owners better manage their accounts, bills and payroll. These days, businesses can opt to buy the extension packs that offer greater accounting solutions and more advanced technologies. If you are looking to purchase QuickBooks software, choose a trusted reseller today. The following sections are some of the top reasons why QuickBooks can enable you to grow your business.

Seamless Migration

QuickBooks is an extremely popular option for financial professionals and not without reason. Although you and your company might be tempted to switch to other ERP platforms because of some persuasive sales pitches, the cost of this migration is usually neglected. The switch can also take long periods of time that your business might not be able to afford. If you stick with QuickBooks, you can rest assured that the price includes unparalleled migration support that can help you to make the transition seamlessly.

Guaranteed Secure Access

Another benefit of QuickBooks is that it can be stored on cloud storage systems or locally on your desktop. It presents users with different choices of how they want to store their sensitive accounting data. Furthermore, since security is such an important factor, QuickBooks allows employers to restrict access and select the extent of access that employees have over certain information. Additionally, the cloud features allow employees to work remotely on their computers, tablets and even smartphones. This will greatly improve the way your business is run and create much more opportunities for growth.

Track Inventory Easily

The larger your business grows, the more complex its different facets will become. For example, if you are managing a huge storage facility with more than one location, or with moving products, QuickBooks can help you to zoom in on the specific details that you might be worry about. You can even track your products down to its shelf and row. One of the advantages of QuickBooks is that you can receive updates about your inventory in real time with mobile bar-code scanning.

Batch Invoicing

As mentioned, scaling a business means that you will be dealing with more and more data as time goes by. With its very own batching feature, business owners can keep track and create more than one invoice on a screen. In fact, it has been shown that this feature can help improve the invoicing process and reduce any unnecessary time by almost 40%.


In an era where corporate espionage is becoming more apparent because of the availability of technology, QuickBooks can help you to grant certain licenses to your employees in order to access the sensitive information simultaneously. These permissions can be altered and curated to the admin’s preferences. Having this option of user permissions will improve the productivity of teams, while allowing business managers to control the amount of access granted according to their working styles.

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