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How To Use Acumatica Device Hub For Barcode Label Printing

Every business owner knows that when dealing with indirect materials in a storeroom, there are some things that need to be ensured. For example, it is important to keep the space neatly organized and free from clutter and dirt. This will help you to better manage your inventory and decreases the amount of equipment downtime because the supplies that you need will be available whenever you need them. Hence, it is essential to have a good storeroom management plan that is in line with the operational methods of your business with regard to inventory control. This is why it is such a good idea to invest in Acumatica ERP. You can easily purchase it from your local reseller and start managing your inventory in a much more efficient way today. The following sections will explain how to use Acumatica Device Hub for barcode label printing.

Why Acumatica ERP?

Acumatica ERP is one of the most useful tools when managing the logistics of a storeroom. The ERP has the capabilities to deal with multicurrency and more than one language, while handling serial tracked items and lot-based products. It is the perfect way to track your items and materials because it utilizes the convenience of barcode labels. This reduces the chances of inaccuracies in your storeroom. Being connected to the cloud, you can remotely control your inventory by using either the Acumatica smartphone app or using a web browser. The most impressive feature is that you can also print and read barcode labels remotely.

How to Print Barcode Labels

Essentially, if you want to print barcode labels using Acumatica Device Hub, you will need to follow 3 simple steps. Once these steps are completed, you can print on any remote printer as long as the computer it is connected to has access to the Acumatica tenant.

Firstly, you need to install Acumatica Device Hub on the computer that the printer is connected to. You can do this with the same Acumatica ERP installation program that the you are using. If you only want Device Hub to be used on your computer, make sure that you uncheck all the remaining boxes. Do note that the installation needs to be upgraded every time the ERP is upgraded as well.

Secondly, configure Device Hub to link with the Acumatica Instance. You can do this by changing the name of the Device Hub ID that is under the General tab. This will tell you where the printer can be located remotely. Under the ‘connection’ tab, key in the proper URL, tenant and login details to log on to the correct instance. Click ‘add’ under the printers tab and check the ‘Raw mode’ box.

The third step involves clicking on ‘update printer list’ on the printer screen to get the list of defined printers. You should be able to print remotely if your Device Hub is running and you have logged in correctly.

Label Printing

Since the objective is to send label control files to your remote printer, you will need to customize the settings if you want to transmit the file. All you need to do is make a StringBuilder that includes the lines of the label control file. You can choose to do this manually or creating a collection of the language used for your label printer.

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