The Importance of Good Training

Good training is everything! I’ve seen so many businesses struggle or fail because of poor training.

When it comes to your QuickBooks file, it’s easy to make a mistake. When mistakes begin to pile up, disaster can set in.

Good training will prevent mistakes in the first place, and that’s why I’ve set up our new Fourlane Online Training.

You see … it’s really about understanding how, and why, to use QuickBooks that makes the biggest difference.

Our training provides actionable information that will not only take care your back office needs, such as inventory and reconciling your books, but also gives you the time back that you need to do what you do best – running your business.

Here is more information on Fourlane Online Training:

Fourlane Online Training

Fourlane Online Training is subscription-based service that provides unlimited access to QuickBooks training using real-life scenarios. There are nearly 200 videos available to walk you step-by-step through nearly every aspect of how to use QuickBooks more efficiently.

You may ask why we’re charging for this information, when, for years, we’ve offered free training videos on our website. We decided to charge for three reasons:

  • 1.This content is valuable. It takes time to develop and ensure the accuracy.
  • 2.We will be adding new content to the training site on a regular basis.
  • 3.You’re investing in your business. By accessing these videos, you can implement best practices we share for $9.95 a month, rather than paying what it might cost to repair the problems you create with bad training.

I’m not talking only about how to use QuickBooks; it’s also about understanding the accounting principles behind what QuickBooks does. This simple, yet effective information will help you ensure that mistakes, such as inventory errors and file issues, become a thing of the past.

Sign up today, and make a commitment to improving your business, one debit or credit at a time!

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