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Is QuickBooks Desktop Being Phased Out?

QuickBooks Desktop is no longer available for purchase, which has sparked worry among regular users who have relied on the system for years. When will they lose access? Should they migrate to QuickBooks Online? What can they do instead? Many questions need answers.

Not to worry—we’ll start by answering the question: Is QuickBooks Desktop being phased out? We’ll dive into what options are available for current users of this program.

The Current State of QuickBooks Desktop

Until now, QuickBooks has existed mainly in online and desktop formats. The desktop version allowed customers to download and use the software from their computers without needing an online connection or storage in the cloud. However, online versions utilize the cloud to access your account from anywhere.

Intuit recently announced its decision to move away from desktop versions of QuickBooks and focus instead on online options. The exact reason for this change wasn’t specified, but Intuit may be adjusting to customer needs and preferences to keep up with the times. Whatever the case, time is running out for those who exclusively use Desktop versions.

The planned end date for all 2021 desktop versions except Enterprise is May 31, 2024. Users who have downloaded the 2021 desktop version of QuickBooks won’t lose access to the platform but will no longer have access to technical support. 

QuickBooks Desktop users will also lose access to:

  • Desktop payroll services
  • Desktop payments
  • Online backup services
  • Online banking
  • Security updates 

Users will still have a desktop option as the 2021 QuickBooks Desktop versions go through the discontinuation and phase-out process. This 2024 Desktop version is referred to as QuickBooks Enterprise version 24, and it will allow some desktop users to continue using QuickBooks on a desktop rather than in the cloud after an upgrade. However, the software is designed for enterprise-level customers, and the cost may be prohibitive for smaller companies.

We know this is confusing, but we explain more here, beginning at the 2:00 mark. 

When Did The Phase Out Happen?

Although the company announced its plan to discontinue all 2021 desktop software versions, the phase-out isn’t complete yet. The official end date for support is May 31, 2024. According to the announcement, there will be no exceptions.

What Versions Are Being Discontinued?

All QuickBooks Desktop software except Enterprise will be discontinued after the May 31, 2024 deadline. This discontinuation includes the following systems:

  • 2021 QuickBooks Desktop for Mac
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Version 21
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Version 21
  • 2021 versions of QuickBooks Desktop Pro
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021 (General Business, Professional Services, Contractor, Nonprofit, Manufacturing and Wholesale, and Retail)

The discontinuation of services relating to QuickBooks desktop versions will also affect QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Version 19, but only after October 3, 2024.

What to Do If the Version You’re Using Is Being Phased Out

If your QuickBooks desktop version is being phased out, you can try using QuickBooks Desktop on your own. However, you will no longer have access to the supporting platforms or technical support, which means you may lose your data. Therefore, this option is not recommended.

The better option is to migrate to QuickBooks online. This transition will involve an upgrade fee and may take some time. To avoid delays or issues, starting immediately rather than waiting until a few days or weeks before the May 31, 2024 deadline is recommended. 

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