How Many Processes Can You Document This Month

“How do I …?”

“Where is the …?”

“Why do we …?”

When I first started growing Fourlane, these were the kinds of questions I used to get. Now, as we’ve grown, I’m trying to completely eliminate these questions from my business.

Don’t get me wrong! I believe in training. I believe in questions – that is how people learn. But, I also believe in documenting processes so that the answers are easily available for everyone.

In our case, we document everything, from the services we provide to the internal processes necessary in any business. These include the way we handle monthly bookkeeping, file review, how to integrate QuickBooks apps, and internal information such as asking for time off and expense reimbursement.

Because our team is remote, we’ve set up a Wiki (I’ll talk about that in my next blog). Just this week, we added and updated new processes on customer engagement and how to onboard new bookkeeping clients.

Processes keep our customers happy and our team consistent, so I’m going to throw down the gauntlet. How many processes can you document in the next month? Get going! It will make a difference in your business. I guarantee it.

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