Meet the Fourlane Partners: Trisha Thomas

Meet the Fourlane Partners: Trisha Thomas

Trisha Thomas, a partner with Fourlane, works with a wide variety of clients in management consulting services, as well as recurring bookkeeping and accounting services. She focuses on helping with monthly reconciliation, financial forecasting and getting a company’s books ready for tax preparation.

Q: You have been with Fourlane since 2017, working your way up to the partner level. Describe what your experience with the company, as well as what it’s like to manage a team.

Trisha: I was hired as a junior consultant and had a lot to learn. My experience with Fourlane has been great! Everyone has always been willing to help guide and train me, so that I can learn our unique business and the services we provide. Starting from the lowest level and working my way up has given me a better understanding of being able to be that same support system for my team I manage.

Q: At Fourlane, You are in charge of recurring services for QuickBooks. How has your accounting background helped you in your current role?

Trisha: I have worked and managed different departments in the accounting field throughout my career. This has allowed me to be able to support our clients with all aspects of accounting duties they may need. I can speak with them about not only the services we offer, but also share with them my experiences in those areas.

Q: What is the biggest worry your clients are facing right now?

Trisha: How to support their employees. It’s a scary place to feel responsible for the livelihood of so many employees. With the pandemic, they are dealing with having to make hard decisions about whether letting people go to be able to keep their doors open.

Q: What is one key piece of advice you’re giving clients right now, with regard to staying open?

Trisha: They have to be able to know where they stand. I show them reporting they can use, such as cash flow, so that they’re able to make better decisions on expected customer payments vs. cash going out.

Q: We’ve heard many small business clients are tempted to mix personal and business finances too freely. What are the biggest mistakes clients are making when trying to maintain cash flow?

Trisha: Using their savings to help support the business, while trying to figure out how to set up a payment schedule and not knowing the correct way to maintain their books.

Q: What tips can you offer small business clients for maintaining good documentation?

Trisha: Always keep the documentation attached, if possible, for all transactions; we guide them as to how to do this in QuickBooks. In addition, it’s really mandatory to keep the books up-to-date each month instead of waiting until tax time – and then trying to figure out a years’ worth of work at one time.

Q: With more than four years at Fourlane, you’ve had a lot of different experiences. What would you say is the best part about your job?

Trisha: My favorite part of my job is connecting with my clients. I love when I can provide a solution that will save them time and money, especially when it’s a solution that they didn’t even know they needed!

Q: When you’re not working, what are some of your favorite hobbies and interests?

Trisha: Living in the Austin area gives a lot of options for enjoying the outdoors. We are usually out exploring new places to hike and camp, or trying out new places to eat.

You can contact Trisha at [email protected], or contact her via her LinkedIn profile here. Want to learn more about Fourlane and the services we offer? Click here and contact us today!

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