Ryan Riggins

New QuickBooks Desktop 2017 Release Allows You to Schedule Reports

We love reports. Internally, Fourlane uses reports and scorecards to track our progress toward our business goals. We frequently work with clients to identify the reports they need to stay in tune with their business. That’s why our favorite new feature of QuickBooks Desktop is the ability to schedule reports.

The ability to schedule reports provides the following three benefits:

  • Ensures the reports get sent
  • Increases the team’s productivity by allowing them to rely on timely reports
  • Provide business updates to management team

In the past, you could set reminders to run reports, but busy bookkeepers and accounting staff may forget to do this, or put it at the bottom of the priority list because they didn’t understand the impact these reports have on management. Now, QuickBooks Desktop users can set a report schedule in QuickBooks that will be sent automatically to key stakeholders. The new feature has the ability to work across multiple company files.


See, as easy as that! Let us know if you need help identifying the reports that will help you better understand your financials.

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