How QuickBooks Can Solve Your Payroll Problems

Managing finances is never easy, and one of the most consistent stresses comes from payroll complications. Although payroll itself may be considered a problem by some bookkeepers, confusion and errors only make the situation worse. Once tax season rolls around, these issues multiply. Fortunately, QuickBooks features built-in solutions that help with every level of payroll. Whether you’re worried about time management or scheduling, QuickBooks has the resources to help. Since QuickBooks is more than a simple bookkeeping tool, it can actually improve your ability to invest in new opportunities and reduce costly overtime pay. When year end taxes approach, QuickBooks will be ready with all the forms, support, and monetary guarantees your business needs.

Resource Management

QuickBooks is much more than a simple bookkeeping tool. Its advanced organization system allows businesses to categorize essentially anything. This makes it easier to build a coherent and more realistic view of regular costs. Even if you’ve never struggled to make payroll, these features offer a significant advantage. QuickBooks goes beyond bookkeeping with fully customizable report features that function like business intelligence tools.

Advanced financial management tools, like those in every QuickBooks product, give you the organizational foundation you need to take advantage of opportunities. A more comprehensive picture can help you see the best times of month and year to save revenue for further investments down the road. They can also reveal the best time to set aside funds to cover employee pay. This helps you determine if an investment opportunity will fit into your financial calendar. These tools will help anyone become a more effective financial manager.


Time is money, even when your time is dedicated to managing money. Bookkeeping and payroll are two of the most frustrating roles for upper management and business owners. These duties often require extra work that cuts into other essential tasks. You may need to dedicate overtime pay every month in order to finish organizing employee pay because there simply isn’t time for such an involved process during the regular business day.

QuickBooks addresses some of the most confusing and frustrating aspects of payroll. These are the problems that drag out your work day and cause the most errors. Rather than depending on management to remember and record commission pay, bonuses, and overtime separately, these products allow you to add various types of pay to the same system. The program does the math and manages the details so you can focus on the bigger issues. When it comes time for payroll, the majority of the work has already been done for you.


Whether you run a small business or a multi-location franchise, there are never enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished that you want to. QuickBooks offers tools and features for hands-on managers who prefer to handle things like payroll manually. However, QuickBooks also offers automated processes that can revolutionize your payroll workflow.

If you run both QuickBooks bookkeeping software and QuickBooks Payroll, you can automate payroll. Managers can simply review the final numbers a day before QuickBooks taps the designated bank account to send out earnings. The system handles everything on its own, so you can treat payroll week the same way you treat the rest of the month. Automation allows the busy business owner to work like they have a bookkeeper on staff.

Tax Protection

If regular payroll is frustrating, year end taxes are a nightmare. After all, everyone hates taxes. Even a small error can cause huge penalties, and it’s easy to make a mistake on such complicated forms. Fortunately, QuickBooks comes to the rescue again to help with forms and filing.

Different products provide different levels of service. The investment for additional features and coverage, however, is well worth it. QuickBooks offers users access to all the relevant business tax forms they’ll need to meet government regulations. Advanced packages available through QuickBooks Online give users support and assistance as they fill out those forms. Finally, QuickBooks files your taxes for you and even guarantees you against penalties. It’s the level of service you’d expect from a professional tax service, but these features are part of your bookkeeping software. Although these packages cost more, they save you the cost of hiring a tax service later, and the guarantee against penalties is invaluable.

QuickBooks, like any software, represents an investment, but it can do far more than the competition. Busy managers and owners can see how payroll influences their finances and build more effective investment plans. Thanks to automation, this software takes time efficiency to a new level. By helping with taxes, from forms to filing, QuickBooks also takes a huge burden off business owner’s shoulders. If anything does go wrong, users can trust their initial investment to protect them from penalties. The payroll advantages alone are worth the cost, and these are hardly the software’s only advanced features.

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