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QuickBooks Data Conversion Phase Three

Training and Going Live

Phase three of the QuickBooks data conversion process is training and going live. As to not overwhelm our customers, we train them before sending them off with their newly set-up QuickBooks software. We schedule training on an as needed basis.

lot of times during the template set up in phase two of the conversion, the customer is provided with sufficient training to roll out the new software to the team.

We break our training into four areas that all require about one to two hours of training:

  • Accounts Receivable – Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoices, Receive Payments, Sales Receipts, Deposits, Credit Memos, Sales & Receivables reporting, Job reporting
  • Accounts Payable – Purchase order, Auto Purchase Order, Bills, Vendor Credits, Bill Payments, Checks, Purchasing & Payables Reports
  • Inventory – Item Set up, Bill of Materials, Inventory Counts, Advanced Inventory, Inventory Reports
  • Management/Accountant – User set up with permissions, Audit Trail, Review, Reconciliation, Financial Reporting

After our customers are all set up and feel comfortable with QuickBooks, we send them off to work on their own for the rest of the month until we come up to Phase 4: first monthly close.

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