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The Role of the CEO Part 2: Improving Processes and Services

In my last blog, I talked about the roll of KPIs in staying on top of our goals. Since our goals involve growth, ensuring we’re providing the best service possible is also part of my job.

I stay intimately involved in our process improvement and creating new services because it is essential to staying in business. To make sure we are offering the right solutions, I frequently sit in on customer calls. This gives me insight into the questions clients are asking and how my team functions.

I’ve created standard questionnaires, by industry, for our sales team so that they are more educated about the needs of our customers. This effort also gives customers a sense of our consultative approach. Finding the right way to teach our sales team how to help our clients is like looking at a new Rubik’s Cube, everyday. I’m constantly trying to download the information in my brain in a flow chart format … if yes for this, go right. If no, go left.

I’ll know if the sales process I’ve designed is successful when the sales person feels natural having the conversation and the client feels confident with our abilities.

If you have an idea for a service Fourlane should be providing, let me know!

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