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How to Set Up a Field Service to QuickBooks Sync on Two Computers

Recently we reached out to Corrigo Support with some help syncing Intuit Field Service Management to QuickBooks on multiple computers. Corrigo told us first that this process will depend on your setup: If you’re running QuickBooks locally, then you can install the sync on the machine if a few guidelines are put in place:

  • The way the two machines access the files needs to be identical. Corrigo suggests the best way to do this is to put your company file on a shared network drive and map them identically on both machines. When you both open QuickBooks and click F2, you’ll see the path to the company file is identical.
  • The settings file named CnQb.mdb is saved locally, and it tells us which customer in QuickBooks syncs with which customer in FSM. You need to set it up so that both users can access it. Corrigo’s suggestion is to put it in the Company File directory on the server. This way, you won’t have data issues because you have the file on the same server

How To:

Once you have this set up, this file can be located by going to the Sync settings in QB, File > Sync > Settings, then by selecting the “CQ” button in the upper left hand section, choose Advanced, and it should show the path. Then, navigate to that path and copy the CnQb.mdb file to a location both computers have on the shared drive (i.e. where the company file is). Once this is copied, change the path you have in the same settings section browsing to it. Once you’ve done this, install the sync on the second machine, and change the path on that machine also. Once all this is taken care of, both PCs should continue on as normal.

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